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Prestigious Polish University Deploys 3CX Phone System and Makes Huge Savings

3CX Phone System replaces hardware PBX at Kozminski UniversityThe internationally renowned Kozminski University in Warsaw is considered to be Poland’s highest rated private university. Offering programs in business management and finance, students travel from around the world to learn at one of the most prestigious universities in the world as it is consistently ranked in the top 40 Master programs in management by Financial Times. The Financial Times also considers Kozminski University to be the best Business School in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hardware PBX Expelled

With an international reputation, Kozminski needed a phone system to match. The Siemens HiPath PBX they had been using was difficult to maintain and administer, made it tough to monitor traffic and was very expensive, with annual leasing costs amounting to €20,000. A new phone system needed to be easy to install and maintain with centralized administration. Also, they required call center features without additional expensive hardware modules. With over 500 staff at Kozminski University, with some people working from home or abroad, it would also be a huge bonus to connect them all to one PBX to save costs and increase staff mobility. Finally, the new solution needed to be well priced up front, as well as reduce the annual fees they had already been forking out.

3CX Installed at Kozminski UniversityThe 3CX Phone System Application

Kozminski reviewed PBX’s from Siemens, Asterisk®* and Cisco before selecting 3CX Phone System. Unlike the proprietary hardware PBX’s, 3CX Phone System is software based meaning it’s far easier to install and manage, and costs a lot less to expand. It runs on Windows, meaning that the costs up front are also low and there’s no need to buy special or dedicated hardware.

To add features to Proprietary hardware PBX’s , the price is usually increased significantly. Kozminski University make use of the 3CX Call Center Module, however, which offers advanced real time queue strategies, advanced agent statistics, Call-Back, SLA alerts and other professional call center features at a fraction of the cost.

3CX Phone System Enrolled at Kozminski

With 3CX Phone System, Kozminski University reduced their yearly costs by €20,000, as call costs are lower and they no longer have to lease the PBX or pay out extravagant fees for maintenance. By administering the PBX themselves, the Kozminski staff save a lot of time. For instance, staff members often change the rooms they work in. Previously, to set up an extension or move one to another room, it was a nightmare. Also, the University’s previous billing system was difficult to manage by a COM port in text mode, and meant that they had to rely on a third party for assistance. Now with 3CX Phone System, administration is easy and it only takes a few minutes to set up or move a new extension.

Kozminksi makes annual savings of €20,000 on telephony costs with 3CX Phone SystemKozminski use 200 phones connected through a Patton SN 4960 gateway and a GSM DWG200 4G gateway to 3 E1 lines. 3CX Phone System comes with all features ready out of the box, meaning that installation was a breeze. Being based on the Open SIP Standard, it works with any popular IP Phone and users are not locked in to any particular vendor. Analog phones can also be connected using VoIP gateways, eliminating the need for additional wiring and meaning that companies can use their existing equipment. Further, by using a VoIP provider, such as Skype, the University has created an easier contact channel for its 7,500 multi-national students who come from 57 different countries.

3CX Phone System works hand in hand with 3CXPhone for iPhone and 3CXPhone for Android – smartphone apps that are full desktop phone replacements and allow users to make phone calls via WiFi and 3G. By taking advantage of these applications, mobility has been greatly improved for the staff of Kozminski. Remote workers and employees who travel around the world can stay in touch with colleagues without any additional costs – staff can be reached on their extension, handled as an internal, and therefore free, call.

Time is also saved, and customer service improved, by using the 3CX Voice Application Designer which allows users to create voice applications with a few mouse clicks that automate time intensive business processes. Potential students and interested people can now call Kozminski University’s Recruitment Department and listen in to information about how they can enroll and start their studies there.

3CX Graduated with Honors

3CX Phone System was clearly the right choice for the prestigious and award-winning Kozminski University. They now save €20,000 on their annual telephony bills, no longer have to rely on third party companies for maintenance as they can administer the phone system themselves, and mobility has also been improved.

“With 3CX I can finally manage all our systems from one place,” said Tomasz Ryszard Gwiazda, Kozminiski University’s System Administrator. “I am very satisfied with 3CX. It was very easy to install and configure. We can now make changes to the PBX ourselves in no time. 3CX Phone System has helped us improve our customer service and we are now more flexible and more cost effective than we were with a traditional PBX.”

Intertec, 3CX Partner, oversaw the installation of 3CX Phone System for Kozminski UniversityIntertec is the oldest and most experienced 3CX Partner in Poland, and installed 3CX Phone System for Kozminski University. Since 2008, they have a long track record of 3CX integration projects in various customer segments. Presently, they concentrate on the Healthcare, Hospitality, Education and Enterprise markets.

You can also read the press release about Kozminski University choosing 3CX Phone System here.

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