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3CX Provides Business and Leisure for Ramada Plaza Antwerp Hotel

Ramada Plaza Hotel Antwerp is a 4-star hotel in Antwerp, Belgium, conveniently located in the heart of the business district and just a 10-minute drive from the historic city center. The Belgian hotel offers 210 en-suite bedrooms and spacious conference and event capacity divided over 13 multifunctional rooms each fitting up to 500 people. With its unmatched standard of services and facilities, Ramada Plaza Antwerp is an ideal venue for leisure, business travel and conferences. However, due to the hotel’s business volume, a feature-rich and flexible phone system was needed to maintain the company’s quality of operation.

Multifunctional Hotel Seeks Multifunctional Phone System

The Belgium hotel staffs 100 employees, all of whom formerly had to leverage a legacy Ericsson telephone system. This method of communication cost the business $6,000 annually to rent the phone lines. The out-of-date phone system also limited the company’s ability to upgrade to new phone system features that provided increased mobility, for instance.

As such, the search for a new, best-in-class solution began and ended rather quickly once the Belgian hotel found the 3CX solution. The business chose 3CX Phone System due to its ease-of-use, flexibility, mobile options and ability to host in a virtual environment.


3CX Offers Top-Notch Hospitality in Phone System Upgrade

Ramada Plaza Antwerp switched to 3CX Phone System in April of 2013 and has since experienced complete satisfaction with the phone system’s performance. Hotel executives are most pleased with the phone system due the full-featured and cost efficient options the Internet-based phone lines offered. The business now operates on 50 Yealink IP phones, using one Telenet connection and one backup ISDN. Since the deployment, hotel staffers are now able to enjoy heightened flexibility afforded by the phone system, as they were able to choose their preference in VoIP gateways, opting for WeePee as its vendor of choice.

In addition, the hotel used a total of 210 analog phones for its guests’ communication needs. As such, each phone required rewiring to adjust to the new IP framework. The phone system installer, 3CX partner Fly By Wire, executed this process by connecting a Grandstream analog system to 10 gateways, which saved the hotel from needing to buy and replace each analog phone system.

The phone system, touted for its seamless integration, was quickly implemented into the hotel environment, and staffers noted the hotel didn’t experience productivity lulls due to difficult deployment and installation procedures. 3CX Phone System is configurable and manageable from a Windows-based interface, which the hotel’s IT manager found simple to install and maintain, according to hotel officials

Seán Graham, Group IT Manager at Ramada Plaza Antwerp said:
“The installation of 3CX Phone System in Ramada Plaza Antwerp proved to be a very successful decision, and we have since deployed 3CX in nine of our other hotel properties and head offices. We plan to roll it out to further sites, as well. By moving from traditional telephone lines to SIP, we experienced significant cost savings such as the reduction of lines and call costs, which was one of the principle reasons we switched to 3CX in the first place. We also benefited from increased functionality such as presence information, conference calling and the Web Conferencing facility.

From a technical point of view, 3CX has all the integration required from a hotel point of view such as Check-in/Checkout, Rooms status updates and billing. Easily expandable with no requirement for system phones, we are able to use equipment from manufacturers such as Yealink and Polycom. Furthermore, the ability to run in a virtual environment and bridge together hotels, along with remote clients and extensions all add up that 3CX Phone System matches perfectly to the hotel industry’s communication needs. We were also assisted by the very knowledgeable 3CX partner Fly By Wire that ensure we experienced seamless phone system changeovers.”

About Fly By Wire (
Fly By Wire is a 3CX Premium Preferred Certified Partner located in Belgium and was established in 2000 by Diederik and Frederic, two enterprise-level Microsoft trained IT professionals whose expertise is in VoIP communications.

As most PBX solution providers were too expensive for SMBs, Fly By Wire chose 3CX as its main VoIP IP PBX solutions provider because 3CX Phone System is software based, scales far easier than other PBX solutions, is fully integrated with Microsoft solutions such as Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as being easy to manage.

With several years experience working with 3CX and developing a hardware solution around it, Fly By Wire has built up a comprehensive portfolio of small to large companies that use 3CX Phone System. Fly By Wire also acts as a national contact for an increasing number of 3CX resellers that require assistance.

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