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Republican Party of Minnesota Connects with its Constituents Using 3CX Phone System

Republican Party of MinnesotaThe Republican Party of Minnesota was founded in 1855, just over twenty years before the telephone was patented. Today, the Party communicates with many of its constituents over the phone through its call centre. In order to handle a large number of calls, the Party decided to update to a modern, software-based solution with 3CX Phone System.

Busy Call Centre in Need of a Modern PBX

The Republican Party of Minnesota wanted to modernize its phone system and replace its old Siemens Call Center which was based on a TDM system. As with the transition from analog to digital television, phone systems are undergoing a similar change with the move from TDM to IP, which offers better functionality at a lower cost. The Party’s old phone system had become overly expensive, with approximately $20,000 a year being spent on the phone lines.

The Republican Party of Minnesota was looking for a modern high performance, reliable phone system. Moreover, as the call centre has forty five simultaneous dialer lines, the new phone system needed to be able to handle a high volume of calls. Following a quote from 3CX Partners, MDLsolutions and BusinessWare Solutions, the Party decided to switch to 3CX Phone System. In comparison to other call centre systems, 3CX offered excellent value for money and a wide range of features.

MDLsolutions has been working with 3CX for several years on producing a well supported and feature-rich call center solution, and combined with the high level of service offered by BusinessWare Solutions the Republican Party was extremely pleased with the installation and solution.

Mr De Haven, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Minnesota said:

“We have a terrific new solution in place that works as it should, the users like it, and the experience of getting it all installed and ‘turned on’ was painless. BusinessWare is a good ally to have.”

3CX Provides Cost Effective Feature-Rich Solution

By replacing the traditional TDM call center, the Republican Party of Minnesota has made significant cost savings. The Party have cut their office and call centre costs by around 55% a month, totalling approximately $21,000 a year. As a software-based solution, installing 3CX Phone System did not require any additional hardware or costly phone lines, just a single internet connection. Moreover, as 3CX Phone System was easy for the Party’s IT consultants to set up and manage, the cost for outside technical support was slashed.

3CX Phone System fully met the Party’s demands by providing a high quality IP PBX with a large array of useful and easy to use features. Using features such as call queue monitoring and supervisor features, the Party were able to successfully manage the busy call centre to ensure that all constituents’ calls were answered in a timely manner. 3CX Phone System has enabled increased efficiency within the call centre by providing a variety of different queue strategies and offering real time queue statistics. Furthermore, the Party was able to customize the MDLsolutions Agent Interface and Call Centre Manager to their specific requirements enabling them to create a solution specifically designed for their needs. 3CX Phone System has brought the Republican Party of Minnesota’s call centre up-to-date, connecting the Party with is constituents.

Michael Langman, CTO of MDLsolutions said:

“3CX Phone System has successfully met the Party’s call center demands by providing a high performance, reliable phone system that supports a large array of useful and easy to use features.”

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