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3CX Brings Security and Significant Savings to Douglas County School District

The Douglas County School District (DCSD,) located in Minden, Nevada, serves more than 6,000 K-12 students across several communities in the beautiful Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe regions. Their seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools provide over 6,000 students with a high quality education based on District Competency Objectives and Common Core Standards.

The administrators at the DCSD are not only committed to their student’s education, but to their safety as well. That’s why when their phone system failed, and they were informed it would take weeks to fix, DCSD’s IT Director John Endter knew they had a real problem. With no means for communication, he feared for the safety of their kids and set out to find a more reliable phone system that would run on non-proprietary hardware.


3CX Teaches Douglas County School District Lessons in Exceptional Telephony
Faced with the task of replacing DCSD’s old Nortell analog system and Allworx VoIP system, Endter decided to consolidate all of the disparate phone systems onto one platform. After evaluating the 3CX, Jive and Cisco systems, he chose 3CX Phone System because, not only was it more cost effective, a huge concern for any public school, 3CX also accommodated DCSD’s critical safety needs. As a public school district they’re required to maintain three analog lines, two fire alarms and one security alarm to ensure coverage in case there’s an emergency as long as the power is maintained. 3CX Phone System enables DCSD to reroute calls to the analog lines if the district WAN goes down or the PRI fails. This kind of flexibility really came through for Endter during a time of crisis:

We had a major windstorm that knocked out power to five of the 13 school sites. The district superintendent called my cell phone and asked how we could possibly communicate with the parents of the students at the affected sites. Solution: reroute all the affected site calls to our primary PRI site. Within 15 minutes, we were able to reroute all the calls of those [affected] sites to our main district site that has generator power. We then added an emergency message that would tell callers what was happening and then give them the option to reach a school representative. We fielded over 250 calls in about an hour and were able to calm the concerns of the parents.

3CX Phone System Receives High Marks From Douglas County School District
Since implementing 3CX Phone System two years ago, DCSD is not only saving an average of $3,500 each month, it is also enjoying a sizable increase in staff productivity. With 3CX Phone System’s extensive collaborative tools, DCSD has been able to communicate more effectively. For example, each school site is now able to dial the other schools by extension, resulting in a significant reduction in long-distance charges. The staff also has the freedom to work remotely and appreciates the flexibility the 3CX voicemail-to-email feature gives them when they’re out of the office.

Endter concisely summed up the positive experience when he added:
“This was one of the best decisions we could have made. The 3CX system is easy to configure and manage, it runs on hardware we already owned and the ROI will be less than three years.”

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