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Case Studies – Services

Mypark chooses 3CX's PBX Solution 3CX Helps Mypark Find an Affordable, Flexible Phone System
“The migration from our analog system to VoIP, apart from the savings realized in terms of investments and deployment costs, has greatly improved the customer’s experience in regards to our services. Communication with the users is now of exceptional audio quality despite the difficult acoustic conditions in our underground parkings.
Pierre-Henri Laureyssens, Site Manager
3CX's Flexible PBX Solution for Sentera Group 3CX Provides Sentera with Flexible, Affordable Telephony Solution
“With 3CX, the organization’s communications just flow. User groups, departments, wherever needed, employees are always reachable via the same system.
Joe Raskin, Network Telecommunications Manager
Mobility and Customer Service Enhanced at CMC Motors with 3CX IP PBX 3CX Accelerates Communications, Enhances Mobility at CMC Motors
“The best part of the solution is the security of having a second connection that can provide a back up to the main connection, making the system more reliable. Up to date hardware has also been a bonus, allowing us to have the latest up to date features without any extra cost to our previous system.
Paul Holmes, Managing Director
3CX Provides Mobility and Boosts Productivity for ExpoForum International ExpoForum International Advances to Unified Communications with 3CX
We were very careful in choosing a new communication system. 3CX was tested for almost 4 months and proved to be a very good choice from the point of view of technology, while cutting our costs as well.
Alexey Koltsov, Sector Manager
Phoning Santé Replaces Autocom PBX with 3CX 3CX Removes Wires, Deskphones and High Costs at Phoning Santé
3CX enabled us to get rid of wires and old-fashioned headsets, and call routing made our operation more efficient. When a patient calls, I know whom that person wishes to contact, and I can see that it goes through.
Valérie Debost, Network Telecommunications Manager
MelloStudio replaces their Panasonic PBX with 3CX 3CX Orchestrates Unified Communications at Mello Studio
3CX has transformed the way our business operates! 3CX offers the best way to keep all communications unified and at a fraction of the regular costs. Our team is a mixture of in-house staff as well as multinational freelancers, and the fact that we can share all of our creative ideas together has been one of the most useful tools that keeps us on top of our game. 3CX is a dream come true!
Hashim Al Alawi, Managing Director
AirFrance Russia Replaces their Asterisk PBX with 3CX 3CX Cuts Soaring Communications Costs at AirFrance Russia
3CX PRO brings us the full functionality of modern telecom services with lower investment costs than competitor solutions, and it is easy to configure to our business needs.
Manuel Caffiaux, Head of Telecom Department
sojuz_logo 3CX Warrants Improved Communications at Law Firm Sojuzpatent
This solution allowed us to expand the capabilities of existing system, increase fault tolerance, and to provide the implementation of new phone system services that meet today’s business requirements. 3CX has provided the communications support to help develop our business and we have been able to achieve cost-effective scaling.
Dmitriy Vadimovich Grigoriev, Head of  IT
MyMall MyMall Connects to Consumers with 3CX Pro Edition
3CX is the future of telecommunications. It’s a reliable system that caters to the needs of a modern organization and supports our management in every way.
Ekaterina Panayi, MyMall Assistant Manager
innstant travel logo Innstant Travel bolsters global network with 3CX
“3CX is a powerful and easy-to-maintain phone solution. And, with our many offices around the world, 3CX is saving us a lot of money.
Michal Stojak, Senior Executive
axivas Axivas Achieves Cutting-Edge Communications with 3CX Pro
“With the implementation of 3CX we were able to replace the traditional and costly Siemens system fast and easy. The seamless migration was realized successfully with no losses. And the new system is high-performance, cost-efficient, professional yet uncomplicated.”
Jörg Schwarz, Axivas CIO
tpglogo Travel Professional Group Slashes Costs with 3CX PRO
“With 3CX PRO, we no longer needed to outsource PBX management or incur any other extra expenses. What’s more, all our branch offices are now connected with free instant communications. And we make extensive use of Web conferencing for training and consulting.”
TPG IT Director Dmitriy Gabrielyan
Hochanda Ltd 3CX Teaches The Art of a Software-based IP PBX
“We are extremely pleased with the system so far; it’s reliable, filled with features and most importantly cost effective, the value for money is next to none. It was easy to set up, configuration was a walk in the park, roll out was swift and maintenance is a charm. In addition the entire Hochanda team is very pleased with system and have a firm belief that it will continue to satisfy our needs further down the line.”
Craig Norris, Head of IT, Hochanda Ltd
Trenkwalder 3CX Phone System Provides Fast Return on Investments for Trenkwalder
“We are very satisfied about our new infrastructure based on 3CX Phone System. This software-based PBX for Windows has allowed us to slash the cost of acquisition, installation, maintenance and utilization of our phone system, while at the same time boosting our employees productivity, due to the fact that they are available on their extension wherever they are. The flexibility and the high level of innovation of 3CX Phone System have revealed essential to provide value added services to our customers, granting a short-term return on investment.”
Alessandro Speca, IT & Telecommunications Manager, Trenkwalder
Puchberg Mountain Rescue 3CX Phone System Provides Safety on the Austrian Slopes
“Our squad leaders are on call around the clock, this team consists of about 10 people who take turns on a weekly basis. Up until now, our landline was redirected to a mobile number, which was redirected again to the mobile phone of the squad leader on duty.”
Lukas Danninger, Director of the Puchberg Mountain Rescue, Austria
Horizon Housing Horizon Housing at home with 3CX Phone System
“Horizon Housing, based in Queensland, Australia, immediately noticed an improvement in the ease of communication between staff and customers with 3CX Phone System. The affordable housing provider was impressed by the swift and easy transition to 3CX Phone System, which has led to a reduction in telecoms costs and improved productivity.”
3LOG Austrian Logistics Company 3LOG Cuts Its Telephony Costs by 80 % with 3CX Phone System
“3CX Phone System is a very flexible and reliable phone solution,” Mr. Kopp said, “and the features are more than enough for us. With the online interfaces, we get all system functions everywhere!You see the caller’s number and company when a call comes in, which has helped us improve our customer service tremendously.”
Thomas Kopp, CEO, 3LOG
Fenix logo METO FENIX Marks Down Its Annual Telephony Costs By 30% with 3CX Phone System
“METO FENIX selected 3CX Phone System, the most competent, reliable and flexible VoIP PBX on the market. 3CX Phone System is an easy and flexible Microsoft-based solution that integrates perfectly into our existing infrastructure and totally fits our needs.”
Ilija Medic, CEO
plusslogo_new Pluss Choose 3CX Phone System to Expand Operations
“We recommend 3CX Phone System to all businesses. You’re not just purchasing a state-of-the-art PBX, but are joining a community that provides support right when you need it.”
Martin Langmaid, Server and Network Architect
remaxlogo_new RE/MAX Brokerage saves $80,000 with 3CX Phone System
“3CX was remarkably flexible and easy to install. It was also extremely simple to manage and being able to run 3CX on Windows Server offers great peace of mind.”
Dustin Adam, Director of IT
nantlogo_new 3CX Helps UK Company Achieve Business Goals to Expand with Mobility
“3CX allows medium-sized businesses to work on a corporate scale. Fantastic!”
David Buckley, Network Manager
adilogo_new Dutch Advertising Agency Chucks Linux-based IP PBX for Easier to Manage 3CX VoIP Phone System
“We don’t understand VOIP, but we understand 3CX.”
NO TOMATO, Creative Team
faithbuilderslogo_new Faith Builders sees Important Scalability and Cost-saving Benefits from Adopting 3CX IP PBX
“3CX Phone System met our organization’s specific need with a timely solution. We are delighted to see their commitment to on-going development and feature additions. We have found this system an excellent fit for our organization’s telecommunications needs.”
Ryan Zook, Network Manager