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Constructing Better PBX Services for Bespoke Recruitment’s Global Team

bespoke-recruitmentBespoke Recruitment is an award winning, industry specific organization specializing in partnering high-quality candidates with employers in the architecture and design industry. It has a reputation for delivering a valued and professional service with the attention to detail and dedication that enabled Bespoke to develop a preferred supplier status. It has cultivated partnership agreements with industry leading organizations to best place its candidates. With expert consultants in their respective fields, Bespoke is an agile and mobile brand that required a PBX solution to cater to these needs.

They were spending around £1,400 per year on their old Avaya PBX, and with its aging functionality they were in need of an upgrade. It wasn’t keeping up with the demand from Bespoke’s team and so, they decided to start looking into upgrading. Going with their old provider proved costly and time consuming. It meant there would be down time and still there wouldn’t be the reporting features they were looking for. Then came the choice to look elsewhere.

Recruitment is an on-the-go business and mobility of services is key

Bespoke needed a system that was user friendly and could keep up with their team in the field and in the office. In evaluating the web, mobile and handset capabilities of multiple solutions, as well as wallboard features and cost, Bespoke decided that 3CX’s solution was the best choice for the organization. Their team is spread out across the globe and a global brand like theirs needs to stay agile to keep ahead of the competition.

Simon Noakes, Co-founder & Director: “We are a small team with plans to grow quickly and needed a system that could grow with us. 3CX Pro is scalable and feature rich. It is easily the best VoIP system we have used.

The wallboard function was a big component of Bespoke’s choice to look elsewhere for their PBX services. They needed a system that could easily facilitate a successful client service that reduced wait time, dropped calls, endless catch-up with their candidates, and allowed employees to view call statistics in real time.

Quantifiable cost savings

Bespoke shopped around and decided the functionality and cost savings of the 3CX system was their best choice. Fully integrating with their existing Yealink IP Phones, 3CX was able to be up and running within hours. This meant a smooth transition from their old system and a seamless initiation of the new. After greatly increasing their team’s efficiency and mobility, as well as reducing costly IT requirements, Bespoke was happy to have made the switch.

Simon Noakes, Co-founder & Director: “With the switch to 3CX we have seen a 40% increase in staff productivity, a 75% increase in mobility and a 50% decrease in IT admin. It has definitely been worth it for us.”

With 3CX, Bespoke is able to link their global team in a seamless way that allows them to stay up-to-date with their candidates, clients and the industry itself, moving from old and aging services to newly constructed functionalities that move with the times.

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