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3CX Helps Avignon Tourisme Take Flight

avignon tourisme As the home of numerous historical monuments and centuries of rich history, the southeastern French city of Avignon is always brimming with tourists from around the world. Whether visitors come to see the Popes’ Palace, or are heading to the International Congress Center of the Parc des Expositions for business, Avignon Tourisme is there to manage and maintain all of Avignon’s hallmark travel destinations as well as provide tourists with the assistance they need in order to fully experience everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

But managing the antiquities of Avignon was proving difficult for an organization with an equally dated phone system. Avignon Tourisme has a constantly fluctuating workforce ranging between 130 and 200 individuals depending on the season, and required a phone system upgrade that would enable the organization to increase both fiscal and operational efficiency.

Pascal Borel, Spokesperson, Avignon Tourisme:

“Prior to 3CX, we had one PBX per establishment. Our previous system was not adapted to the new uses of telephony and was too expensive in operation.”

After briefly considering several other systems, Pascal Borel discovered that 3CX offered the most impactful solutions for his organization’s needs.

Seamless installation leads to comprehensive system overhaul

In the tourism business, customer service is key. That’s why Pascal Borel knew that the transition to 3CX would have to be accomplished seamlessly, to avoid downtime that could impact travelers. Fortunately, 3CX runs on most popular operating systems today, so both installation and deployment are easy. And because of the intuitive user experience of 3CX software, Avignon Tourisme personnel required no additional time for training.

Avignon Tourisme sees a technology transformation

In addition to moving to 3CX, Avignon Tourisme also chose to use a SIP Trunk so that the organization’s entire network would be centralized at one site and distributed to others. Upon successful deployment, 3CX took control over Avignon Tourisme’s 100 IP Snom and Cisco phones, and 20 lines.

According to Pascal Borel, the benefits have been clear. Between leasing and maintenance costs, the transition to 3CX saved Avignon Tourisme approximately 1,300 Euro per year. The move has also provided more flexibility on deployment and configuration, as the company was able to take control of its PBX. Staff have also recognized better mobility between sites, including remote locations.

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