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French Consulting Firm, Meritis, Finds the Right Telephony Solution with 3CX

consulting firm pbxWhen Paris, France-based Meritis began as a consulting firm specializing in finance and technology back in 2007, it was a small, agile organization started by just two entrepreneurs. Now, 10 years later, Meritis employs over 300 consultants working in branch locations on both sides of the Atlantic.

As one of the most respected businesses in the industry, Meritis has been able to grow steadily over the past decade. But with that growth, it recently became clear to Meritis Network Telecommunications Manager, Laurent Plagnes, that the systems that had enabled the organization’s growth were now becoming impediments.

After years of relying on a PBX from Orange Business Services, Plagnes recognized that the service was no longer able to meet the growing demands that their success was bringing their way. The company was spending 1,100 Euro each month for a system that gave them many service cuts, had too few features, poor support and complications related to the system’s management and maintenance.

Plagnes recognized that if the company was to continue meeting the high expectations of its customer base, it needed to take some of its own consultation advice and invest in modernizing their telephony for a solution suited for the next 10 years, rather than the last.

At first, Plagnes considered an OVH PBX. But it became clear quickly that it was not suited to Meritis’ network infrastructure. That’s when Plagnes discovered 3CX, and the choice to move forward was easy.

Laurent Plagnes, Network Telecommunications Manager, Meritis:

“Our previous system was too expensive for the services it provided, and we desperately required a system that corresponded to our connection, so as not to lose it. We heard that 3CX was easy to use, had reactive support, and it was clear to me right away that 3CX was the solution that most capably integrated to suit our specific needs.”

Meritis sees seamless installation and deployment

As a technology consulting firm for some of the largest businesses in France, it was imperative from Plagnes’ perspective that the installation and deployment of its new PBX resulted in zero downtime for the organization. Fortunately, 3CX was designed for interoperability with the most popular operating systems on the market today, resulting in seamless installation with no downtime.

Deployment, too, went off without a hitch, as 3CX adheres to strict design principles designed for end-user satisfaction. It required no additional time for employees to train to use the new system, meaning that operations were able to continue full-speed ahead.

3CX prepares Meritis for a future of sustainable growth

After deployment, carried out by 3CX partner Synaps Informatique, Plagnes saw immediately that the right PBX can immediately bolster your bottom line for true long-term success. 3CX took over the management of Meritis’ 2 Yealink phones and 60 lines, relieving the pressure of maintenance and management from Meritis personnel. In addition, Meritis benefitted from immediate cost savings, as well as the ability for employees to use the system anytime, anywhere.

With the burden of managing a costly and high-maintenance PBX now behind them, Meritis can now get back to focusing on what has made their business great over the last ten years: providing expert advice and solutions to its clients.

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