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Axivas Achieves Cutting-Edge Communications With 3CX Pro Edition

Axivas is a leading provider of marketing and sales services. A consultancy business that depends on high quality communication with both clients and among its large staff of experts, Axivas needed greater flexibility, greater versatility as well as lower communications costs.

Axivas consultants enable professional client acquisition and continuous development of existing customers, offering a flexible resource to develop new profit potential and maximizing the sales efficiency of its clients.

For Axivas, sales today entail much more than just selling. Sales also mean creating a level of trust, as well as convincing people. Obviously this places communication at the epicentre of the company’s mission. A high performance, feature-rich system was required.

Using 3CX as their contact center's PBX, Axivas has expereinced many benefits apart from tremendous cost savings.

Old System couldn’t grow with Axivas

Axivas wanted to replace its traditional Siemens Hipath 4000 PBX which was used in conjunction with Siemens’ Procenter ACD call center application. The Siemens phone system was costing Axivas a large amount of money each per month. And the hardware PBX offered little flexibility when it came to adding users, or routing calls for lowest cost.

Further, the call centre application did not provide the level of detail in call reporting and system monitoring that Axivas needed as a rapidly growing company.

With a salesforce of 600, one that often changes and grows, Axivas needed to be able to make low-cost and rapid changes. And, with 200 phone lines, at four different locations, increased control of administration was also a critical upgrade for Axivas. Managing increasingly high call volumes was also a factor. And the company wanted to take the best advantage of the qualities of VOIP gateway BeroNet for low-cost call routing.

Migrating to High-Performance, Multi-feature PBX

Axivas achieved all its objectives with the 3CX Pro Edition, Axivas CIO Jörg Schwarz commented.

“With the implementation of 3CX we were able to replace the traditional and costly Siemens system fast and easy. The seamless migration was realized successfully with no losses. And the new system is high-performance, cost-efficient, professional yet uncomplicated” said Axivas CIO Jörg Schwartz.

A step up to cutting-edge technology

3CX Pro Edition was rapid and inexpensive to install, as it runs on VMWare. This permits businesses to rid themselves of expensive and difficult to manage PBX hardware and consolidate their telecoms infrastructure onto their VMware platforms. The power of 3CX is that it allows you to use your existing servers and take full advantage of their power and reliability, without having to add yet another difficult to manage “appliance” to your server room.

3CX Platinum Partners ISP-Euronet and headON were able to complete the installation very rapidly, and without any loss of uptime for Axivas.

3CX PRO provided the rich offer of powerful features allowing Axivas to run its business more efficiently. The call center features provided more efficient management of traffic, as well as advanced reports and CRM integration – 3CX’s call center software is entirely integrated with major CRM software, including Salesforce, Google Contacts Microsoft Dynamics, Exact online and Act!. This permits the client profile to be linked to the call as soon as it is identified.

With Microsoft Dynamics, for example, this integration allows showing the contact record on inbound calls, saving the call information in the contact’s activities, and launching outbound calls to your contacts directly from the Microsoft Dynamics software.

3CX Pro Edition also includes integrated video conferencing for up to 25 participants using all devices and standard mobile phones. This allowed the very mobile consultants at Axivas to have a single phone number which worked both in the office, and on their smartphones while on the road at no extra cost.

With its ability to leverage SIP trunks for lowest-cost routing, 3CX Pro Edition slashes phone costs, taking full advantage of the company’s VOIP gateway. The 3CX Pro Edition Switchboard function enabled simple and effective management of call queues, along with Wallboard monitoring.

Axivas also needed specific voice applications for call routing, and this was provided by the 3CX Visual Application Designer. With the 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD) you can create voice applications with a few mouse clicks that automate time intensive business processes. For example, create a voice application that queries the caller for a customer number, then validates this number against a database and routes the call based on customer type. Automate repetitive tasks and save valuable agent and customer time.

3CX VAD has a graphical interface that lets you put together the components of your voice application using drag and drop – rather than cumbersome scripting or programming! Visually design an application in hours rather than weeks.
Axivas found it easy to put to use, as it is entirely visual, requiring no knowledge of coding.

Detailed reporting was provided by 3CX Call Reporting function, which tracked all system activity and generated customised reports.

And Axivas’ 600 sales specialists could join in videoconferences and online meetings quickly, easily and at no extra cost, thanks to 3CX’s integrated web conferencing feature which leverages Google’s Webrtc technology.

Massive cost reduction – vast increase in productivity

3CX’s low-cost routing enabled massive call cost reduction at Axivas. Call management covering all of the company’s locations was simplified, thanks to 3CX easy-to-use routing controls.

The Visual Application Designer permitted Axivas to design routing for callers to directly reach the person they wished to speak to, reducing caller hold time, complex automated menus, and the risk that callers choosing the wrong menu option waste their time.

Unified Communications enabled employees to become completely mobile, but to always remain in touch. It entirely replaced the company’s legacy fax and voice recording system.

The company also saw an extensive improvement in administration, thanks to the powerful 3CX monitoring and reporting functions.

The overall result has been a massive and total upgrade in quality of communication for Axivas, with its leapfrog from a traditional PBX to the cutting-edge 3CX technology.

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