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3CX Installation Gives Monitor Administrators the Freedom to Grow

monitor administrators chooses 3CX pbxMonitor Administrators is a dynamic short-term insurance underwriting manager (UMA) servicing both the broker and affinity channels through innovative technology platforms running on self-developed FinTech-enabled distribution channels.  Monitor has autonomous in-house data and call center infrastructure to service clients on behalf of Tier 1 insurers and services the micro-finance and lower income mass market through Blue Chip affinity partners in Southern and sub-Saharan Africa.

With 75 to 100 employees, the Durban, South Africa-based organization has a large footprint as it works with clients across the continent. As such, it was becoming clear that Monitor’s legacy phone system was outdated, restrictive and lacked the features required to service Monitor’s growing needs. That’s when Jordan Daniel, Monitor’s IT manager, decided that in order to keep growing the business, a change needed to be made.

Jordan Daniel, IT Manager, Monitor Administrators:

“Under our previous system, we were experiencing inexplicable SIP related issues with RFOs that, frankly, made no sense. We wanted to find a solution that would give us freedom from complex maintenance and management, fewer vendor restrictions on SIP phones and license allocation. With 3CX, we have gotten that freedom—in cost, management, and maintenance. This will allow us to provide better service and give us the flexibility we need to stay agile and grow in our fast-paced industry.”

Less downtime, more productivity

In Monitor’s line of work, downtime can be incredibly disruptive for their customers. And given the complexity of Monitor’s operations, finding a partner that could offer a seamless transition was imperative. Fortunately, 3CX was designed to ease such worries. Installation and deployment of Monitor’s new phone system took only a few hours, during which no downtime was incurred. This allowed their telephony overhaul to be achieved without operational disruption.

Upon deployment by 3CX partner, 3C Technology, 3CX provisioned Monitor’s 90 Fanvil, Yealink and Polycom IP phones and 60 lines, instantly making for simpler maintenance and management right away. In addition to helping the organization take greater control over their costs, the transition has also enabled greater mobility and productivity as employees worry less about technology issues and more about their customers.

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