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3CX Provides Sentera with Flexible, Affordable Telephony Solution

Sentera chooses 3CX for flexible pbx solutionSentera Group, with facilities based in both Belgium and Bulgaria, develops and manufactures controls solutions for the European HVAC market, geared towards climatization and ventilation. Sentera is comprised of 12 companies across Europe, each with a unique focus. But as a whole, Sentera aims to create perfect living environments while saving customers money through energy efficiency.

As a company that places comfort and cost savings at the top of its mission statement, it should come as no surprise that Sentera would want to use an intuitive and cost-effective phone system. However, Sentera’s Network Telecommunications Manager, Joe Raskin, didn’t believe their previous phone system met those criteria.

3CX’s flexible PBX a breath of fresh air

Before making the switch to 3CX, Sentera Group used a PBX from Belgacom in its Belgium office and a Siemens system in Bulgaria. Between each location, Raskin found that the company was spending between €12,000 and €15,000 per month for systems that lacked the flexibility and modern features of enterprise-class telephony solutions.

That’s when Raskin decided to make the move to 3CX.

No downtime, instant impact

With such a large customer base throughout Europe, incurring downtime during the transition to 3CX could have had significant repercussions for Sentera’s day to day operations. Fortunately, installing and deploying 3CX’s Unified Communications System was easy, as the solution runs on popular operating systems it meant that no downtime was incurred. Installation and deployment took just a few short hours, with no need for additional employee training.

Upon deployment, 3CX took control over Sentera’s 30 SNOM and Yealink IP phones, softphones, 24 lines and EDPnet and Mtel VoIP gateways. The benefits were immediate.

Joe Raskin found that the move to 3CX saved the company roughly 75 percent on its telephony costs every month. In addition, the move reduced IT administration, while increasing the productivity and mobility of staff.

“With 3CX, the organization’s communications just flow. User groups, departments, wherever needed, employees are always reachable via the same system.”

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