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3CX and 3C Technology Delivers Smooth Sailing Solution for Subtech Group

subtech multi-site pbxWhen it comes to hitting the open seas of the African coast, nobody is prepared like the experienced team at Subtech Group. Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, the multi-site organization has branches ranging from Cape Town, North and South Mozambique and Namibia as well as the United Arab Emirates.

Subtech provides clients with a range of services, which includes diving, shipping, inspections, salvage, wreck removal, refloating, surveying, pipeline construction, vessel management and more. This comprehensive skill set positions Subtech as the premiere first mate for any seafarer.

But back on dry land, Ralph Kerwan, Subtech’s Group IT Manager, was seeing another story. Subtech’s Alcatel Lucent phone system no longer suited the needs of the rapidly growing organization. Despite spending roughly $3,000 a month on the system, Kerwan was seeing poor quality, a lack of communication between branches, and a huge maintenance burden. That’s when Kerwan went looking for a solution.

Ralph Kerwan, Group IT Manager, Subtech Group:

“We briefly considered phone systems from Panasonic, Samsung and Telkom. But seeing the proposed functionality from 3CX, and recognizing the flexibility it could bring to our work environment, made the choice clear. 3CX offers a cost-effective, turnkey solution that provides us the ability to remotely roll extensions out to projects at the drop of a hat. And by mostly using the softphones, we were able to slash hardware costs up front too.”

3C Technology delivers a seamless, downtime-free installation

Every second counts, and costs big money, in the maritime industry. So when Subtech approached 3CX, it was clear that the organization’s transition to 3CX needed to be seamless, and incur no downtime for employees or customers.

Fortunately, 3CX works with a global network of partners and resellers to deliver superior results to end users. In this case it was partner 3C Technology that assisted Subtech Group with a seamless and downtime-free installation.

3C Technology’s experienced team was able to complete Subtech’s installation in just a few short hours, during which no downtime was incurred. 3CX was designed with the user in mind, and operates on the most popular operating systems today, meaning that employees needed no additional time to learn the new system.

Smooth sailing ahead for Subtech Group

Ralph Kerwan notes that the transformative properties of their new 3CX phone system will enable much more success for Subtech Group in the years to come. Massive cost savings came from both hardware and maintenance perspectives, freeing up important resources in the process. The system has brought about considerable increases to staff productivity and mobility, and has given branch offices a clear and powerful tool for collaboration. With 3CX at the helm, Subtech Group and its customers are poised for years of smooth sailing ahead.

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