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3CX Orchestrates Unified Communications at Mello Studio

Manama, Bahrain-based Mello Studio is an audio production and technology house, specializing in crafting original musical melodies to make productions stand out, and in programming apps for businesses. The company provides original music compositions, voice-over services, and sound design, as well as building mobile applications or online/offline services.

Mello Studio was seeing rising communication traffic, and was having trouble keeping up with sales calls as well as with trying to stay in touch with its international network of freelancers.

Sheet music with a number of accessories

But the company’s Panasonic PBX couldn’t support all these requirements, didn’t permit scaling up, and was expensive to run, costing the small company $500 per month.

Managing Director Hashim Al Alawi decided to replace the legacy PBX. He shopped around, and considered Asterix, but found it very hard to get started with, as well as expensive to set up.

Al Alawi, Managing Director, chose 3CX, commenting:
“3CX has transformed the way our business operates! 3CX offers the best way to keep all communications unified and at a fraction of the regular costs.

Symphonious Operations

Installation was dulcet, as 3CX operates on open standards, enabling Mello Studio to use its own computers and software.

Deployment took only minutes, with the help of Dubai-based 3CX Partner NetCore Information Technology Solutions & Service.

And 3CX seamlessly took over the company’s Snom IP Phones, lines and extensions, as well as managing its Patton VoIP gateway.

Harmonized Communications

3CX provided Mello Studio with well-orchestrated Unified Communications. With audio and video conferencing, chat and instant messaging, staying in touch with its network of freelancers became seamless and efficient.

“Our team is a mixture of in-house staff as well as multinational freelancers, and the fact that we can share all of our creative ideas together has been one of the most useful tools that keeps us on top of our game,” Al Aawi, Managing Director, commented.

Advanced call management also ensured that staff no longer missed any sales calls. Calls are routed to the best available staff member, and staff can receive calls on their extensions anywhere, anytime.

3CX has also cut communications costs to a fraction of what the company had previously been paying.

“3CX is a dream come true!” Al Alawi, Managing Director, concluded.

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