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ExpoForum International Advances to Unified Communications with 3CX

St.-Petersburg, Russia-based ExpoForum International is one of the leading operators in the country’s conventions and exhibitions industry. The largest organizer in North-West Russia, ExpoForum International operates the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex in St Petersburg, which plays host to around 60 exhibitions and 450 conventions every year. Since 2014, the company also operates the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre at Pulkovo Heights, located 19 kilometers southwest of St. Petersburg near a major airport.

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With 330 employees, and clients all over the world, ExpoForum International was growing fast, and the company needed to upgrade its communications system, to cut costs, support mobility and increase productivity.

But the legacy Switchray RTU pbx couldn’t provide any of this functionality. It was inflexible, as well, with no possibility of integrating advanced features. And it was expensive to run and maintain, as it was serviced by the company’s VoIP Provider.

Sector Manager Alexey Koltsov shopped around for a new communications system. He considered Oktell, and Skype for Business, but rejected both.

Koltsov chose 3CX’s PRO Edition:

“We were very careful in choosing a new communication system. 3CX was tested for almost 4 months and proved to be a very good choice from the point of view of technology, while cutting our costs as well,” Koltsov said.

Accelerated Installation
3CX Pro Edition was rapid and inexpensive to install, as it runs on VMWare. This permits businesses to rid themselves of expensive and difficult to manage PBX hardware, and to consolidate their telecoms infrastructure. There was no need to add yet another difficult to manage “appliance” to the company’s server room.

The Moscow-based 3CX Partner ICE Partners installed 3CX in a few hours, without any loss of uptime. Because the system is open-standards based, it integrates easily with most companies’ hardware and software.
ExpoForum’s 150 Cisco IP Phones were provisioned, and its SIP trunks were configured in a few minutes. With 3CX’s easy-to-use web-based management console, the company’s IT staff required no special training, as 3CX management is intuitive and user-friendly.

Stepped-Up Productivity
With its ability to leverage SIP trunks for lowest-cost routing, 3CX Pro Edition slashes phone costs. Interoffice calls traveled free on the data network, and calls to the PSTN were charged at the minimum.

The 3CX Pro Edition enabled advanced call management. Its powerful Switchboard function provided presence indication, and enabled simple and effective management of call queues, including drag-and-drop call transfer. The 3CX Wallboard offered real-time queue statistics. Detailed reporting kept managers up-to-date on traffic.

Then 3CX PRO Edition provided complete mobility. Workers can receive calls to the office on individual numbers, wherever they may be, thanks to 3CX’s cutting-edge softphone and smartphone clients. Workers anywhere in the world can now call, chat, message, and join in video conferences for up to 25 people, and all communications are entirely free.
The ability to communicate using advanced features quickly boosted productivity at ExpoForum — faster communications led to rapid information sharing, and quicker decision making.

“By leapfrogging to 3CX’s innovative technology, ExpoForum enjoyed a significant upgrade in communications that will help to grow its business,” Koltsov concluded.

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