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Telerys Communication and 3CX Partner to Provide a Centralized, Comprehensive Solution for UFCV

UFCV chooses 3CX PBXFor over 100 years, the UFCV has been an instrumental organization for providing support services to French citizens with disabilities. The organization’s responsibilities are immense in their scope. With 1,000 permanent employees and the help of 5,000 volunteers and civic service staff, the group provides everything from social integration to professional training. Staff also organize trips for tens of thousands of young people, including those with mental disabilities, to go on holidays organized through 200 collective centers around the country.

Given the UFCV’s tight budget and immense responsibilities, it became increasingly clear that the organization’s legacy phone system was no longer the right fit. The old system was based on analog technology and had no value-added services to make the high maintenance demands worthwhile.

Christophe Putoud, Director of Information Systems, UFCV:

3CX is an all-inclusive telephone system based on an “on-the-go” cost structure: the cost of simultaneous calls, independent of the number of users, which is often the pricing policy’s approach. Moreover, the price of compatible SIP phones is attractive compared to those of proprietors of traditional PBXs. We also wanted a central system that specifically supported Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization and strong integration with Microsoft desktop technologies, making 3CX an easy choice.

3CX partner Telerys Communication steps up with zero-downtime installation

3CX has a global network of partners eager to step up to perform installations and provide supplemental support. In this case, it was Telerys that stepped up to help. Telerys understood right away that downtime could prove costly for UFCV, as its operations are complex and its role vital for the well-being of thousands of at-risk French citizens.

Fortunately, Telerys was able to conduct an installation within just several hours, during which no downtime was incurred. And because 3CX operates on the most popular operating systems, it was easily integrated with UFCV’s preferred Microsoft products. This, coupled with the intuitive design of 3CX, enabled the organization to proceed with standard operations without having to schedule additional training for personnel, either.

Looking to the future with 3CX

As UFCV’s complete ISDN is terminated, Christophe Putoud reports that it will experience a rapid cost reduction leading to a ROI in just 1.5 years. The organization has enjoyed other benefits, too. The centralized system has simplified management, including common directory and provisioning.

The ability to reduce maintenance and management, while providing a robust and modern solution, gives the UFCV peace of mind knowing there won’t be any surprises as they look to the future.

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