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first international bookmakerThe First International Bookmaker Company is an online betting brand based in Moscow, Russia. It is the premier online platform for the Russian Federation, and is known as Liga Stavok, and offers betting on all major sporting matches and tournaments. The platform has benefited from the addition of Express Check-in to give customers increased accessibility to betting.

Speedy and guaranteed service meant that First International Bookmaker Company needed to have a phone system that could keep up with their high call volume while still keeping quality customer service front of mind.

Thousands of customers looking for quality digital service

With a staff of over 3,000 using 2,000 IP Phones there was a need to have a reliable system that could maintain call quality as well as allow each employee to liaise with customers and contacts at matches. The old system was a hosted service with Asterisk®*. It is an open source provider, but First International Bookmaker Company was encountering technical problems on a regular basis.

Nikolay Melikhov, IT Manager: “We wanted to improve the quality of the customer service experience that we offered to our customers. With the old system, we had dropped calls and issues resolving customer complaints. We needed something to change and quick.”

Customer service is key to First International Bookmaker Company, and with clubs across the country their daily call log could include customers from the shores of the Baltic to Berring. Quality, reliability and consistency were essential characteristics they needed each day. That’s where the search for a new provider stemmed from and that’s how they were led to 3CX.

3CX provides cost savings and increased mobility

There were no economic considerations when First International Bookmaker Company decided to start looking for a new PBX service. Their only concern was finding a solution to the technological issues that were continually popping up with their old Asterisk® system. They were already working with Cisco ISR router and voice services and didn’t want to have to shut the whole system down whilst switching over to a completely new one. Because 3CX provides superior PBX solutions and works with most 3rd party brands the choice was simple.

Cost wasn’t the issue for First International Bookmaker Company’s choice to move, it was technical reliability. 3CX has steadily built a reputation for its consistent high-standards and for its ease of access when working with other platforms. That isn’t to say that there was not any weight given to cost savings.

Nikolay Melikhov, IT Manager: “In an answer to whether there were cost savings when we moved to 3CX, yes, there were huge cost savings. For that reason we will use VoIP Phone System from now on.”

The team at First International Bookmaker Company have seen increases across the board in terms of productivity and mobility. The transition was fast and simple and there is no looking back.

* Asterisk® is a Registered Trademark of Sangoma Technologies. This trademark is not affiliated with 3CX, its products, or its websites. Sangoma Technologies is not the source of, and does not sponsor or endorse, the products/services promoted here. 3CX is not associated with or sponsored by Sangoma Technologies. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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