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Complea Delivers 3CX Solution to Denmark Based Duka PC

Duka PC chooses 3CX PBXDUKA PC in Denmark is a Hinnerup-based company that provides customers with devices, connectivity and service agreements for clients in customer service. But with only 50 employees to support its growing customer-base, it was proving difficult to ensure that their own service could match the levels it was looking to give to its clients.

DUKA PC’s previous PBX was a combination of multiple systems. As such, it was difficult to ensure seamless communications both internally and for customer-facing applications. There was no ability for DUKA PC to manage file types, callbacks, or transfers.

That’s when Mark Amdi Jensen, DUKA’s team leader, recognized that if the company was going to be able to continue to be competitive, it needed to overhaul its telephony system.

Mark Amdi Jensen, Team Leader, DUKA PC:

Managing our various systems was becoming an impediment to our larger corporate goals. We were spending 7 hours per week managing and maintaining our infrastructure. This downtime stalled our internal initiatives, and our disparate systems prevented us from delivering collaborative and efficient service for our customers. 3CX was the logical choice, as it enabled us to outsource for greater cost control, management, and the ability to deliver an industry-leading solution.

Complea ensures Duka PC has a seamless transition

In the customer service industry, downtime can be a catastrophe. Fortunately for Duka PC, 3CX runs on the most popular operating systems, insuring that it integrates seamlessly into existing software and hardware.

In addition, 3CX Platinum Partner Complea was able to quickly and efficiently perform the installation for DUKA PC. As an experienced and skilled partner, Complea took care of installation and deployment within just a few short hours, keeping DUKA PC operations running smoothly throughout the process.

Reduce maintenance, increase productivity

Upon successful deployment, 3CX and Complea took control of DUKA PC’s 2 Cisco IP phones and 36 lines. The difference between the systems was noticeable immediately, according to Jensen. He noted that the organization was able to immediately reduce IT administration. And by connecting all the organization’s disparate locations together, it was possible to achieve significant increases in both employee mobility and productivity.

By adopting a robust UC solution, DUKA PC was able to commit less time and resources to managing outdated infrastructure that no longer supported their organizational goals. Thanks to Complea and 3CX, DUKA PC can now take those resources and put them where they’re most needed—serving its own customer base.

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