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All Bets are in and 3CX is the Bookies Favorite for Quasar Gaming

quasar gamingQuasar Gaming is a leader in online gaming based in Malta. It provides fast payouts, safe and secure payment methods, excellent customer support and a first-class affiliate program. Quasar’s experience over the past decade coupled with its strong presence in Germany and across Europe meant that it needed to stay ahead of the curve when it came to its I.T. services.

Quasar was using a traditional PBX system which lacked user-friendliness, was difficult to manage and time consuming, and wasn’t compatible with the mobility of Quasar’s team. In being an online platform, Quasar encourages its employees to work remotely. This meant looking for a new system that increased functionality and kept up with the company no matter where it was being managed.

Ease of access and usability for remote teams

With price not as much a concern as functionality, Quasar was looking for a solution to bring their team together when geography might have kept them apart. They were after a system that could truly integrate all of the company’s needs into one product. The clunky outdated system originally used meant that employees weren’t able to collaborate effectively or easily access the features they needed.

Quasar wanted to get its team mobile, and by making the switch to softphones it is now able to manage the company regardless of where its employees end up.

Stefan Grech, I.T. Manager: “3CX was both easy to deploy and manage. No technical expertise in VoIP or SIP was required and extensions were up and running within a couple of hours. The service has been stable, calls crisp and our users have gained real value out of the system.”

Maximizing current hardware with cost-effective additions

By allowing Quasar to utilize the servers that were already installed on-premise, the company was able to quickly install the PBX in a cost-effective manner, without the need for any pricey new hardware. With the addition of 3CX softphones and smartphone clients for all employees, 3CX has enabled the Quasar staff to use their office extensions wherever they are; making and receiving calls, taking part in video conferences and more, all while working on the go or from home. Following deployment of the new system, Quasar’s IP Phones, ISDN lines and Beronet gateway are now being centrally managed from within the simple-to-use 3CX management console. All of this combined has seen Quasar increase efficiency without the need for costly downtime or implementation of new hardware systems. It was almost as simple as flipping a switch to get the new system online.

Stefan Grech, I.T. Manager: “Softphones are always about cost savings and by having one phone per employee we are able to greatly increase efficiency.

Already using beroNet gateway systems, Quasar’s existing system was able to easily integrate with 3CX solutions seamlessly. There was no need for any upgrades on servers or internet links, meaning that Quasar upgraded their old system within the most cost effective solution available.

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