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Winpharma, Leading French Pharmaceutical Software Developer, Moves to 3CX

winpharma 3cx phone systemWinpharma, France’s leading independent pharmaceutical software developer, has been supporting the French healthcare market for over 20 years. Over the last two decades, the company has grown on a foundation of four key values: simplicity, sharing, innovation and performance.

During this sustained period of growth, Winpharma has expanded internationally and now has more than 4,500 customers, 24 competence centers and 280 employees and resellers located around the world.

But with Winpharma’s long run of success, it became apparent to Christophe Tonellato, the company’s support technician, that in order to maintain its place as an industry pioneer, Winpharma needed to seriously overhaul their telephony infrastructure.

Winpharma’s previous phone system, Christophe notes, was an older VoIP system that failed to meet the company’s rigorous demands in a number of ways: multi-site interconnection, failures related to the age of the system, as well as difficulties with installation upgrades.

After reviewing several competitors, Christophe found that 3CX’s software solution was the easy choice.

Christophe Tonellato, Support Technician, Winpharma:

“We studied several other possibilities, and evaluated our decision by comparing costs, features, possible upgrades, as well as interoperability with our existing CRM. After learning more about 3CX the decision was simple.”

Seamless installation with zero downtime

Expedient customer service is critical within Winpharma’s industry, and the company’s ability to rise to the challenge is one of the reasons that it has has endeared itself to customers and resellers over the last two decades. And within the pharmaceutical industry, time is of the essence. As such, it was also critical for Christophe that the installation and deployment of their new 3CX system could be completed without incurring downtime that could disrupt operations.

Fortunately, 3CX has a global network of partners capable of providing added on-site support and installations with zero downtime. In this case, it was an experienced team from 3CX partner Serverteck that came to the aid. And because 3CX runs on the most popular operating systems in use around the world today, users required no additional training to learn how to use 3CX’s highly intuitive software.

A cutting-edge solution for future growth

In moving to 3CX, Winpharma support technician Christophe Tonellato notes that the company has revolutionized its capabilities. With 3CX, Winpharma has been able to interconnect sites for continuity and failover. Teleworkers have been empowered by the simplicity of managing the system. Additionally, the difficulty of maintaining and managing an outdated system no longer siphons resources and time from the booming business—in turn letting them get back to what they do best: serve their customers.

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