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3CX Partner Euronet Completes Transformative Telephony Overhaul for Germany’s Chip 1 Exchange

Chip 1 chooses 3CX user friendly PBXChip 1 Exchange is a Neu-Isenberg, Germany based distributor for both active and passive electronic components. On a foundation of high-quality solutions and great customer service, the organization has been able to expand rapidly in recent years. While 80 employees work In Germany, Chip 1 Exchange now has 150 additional personnel stationed in branch locations around the world.

As the organization grew, it became clear that the legacy phone system in place could no longer ensure the high-performance communications capabilities necessary to thrive in the modern economy.

Fortunately, 3CX partner EURONET was available to show Chip 1 Exchange how they could benefit from the integration of a 3CX PBX. EURONET, an area ISP, was able to identify problem areas for Chip 1 Exchange, including a tailored 3CX solution that would drastically improve performance. After briefly considering systems from Avaya and Siemens, it was clear that 3CX stood out above the rest.

Marcus Hoffmann, System Administrator, Chip 1 Exchange:

“Thanks to our highly trained partners at EURONET, it was made clear that transitioning to a 3CX solution could enable our organization to cut telephony costs by 50 percent by using S2S trunks. We saw an opportunity to increase productivity, call handling, mobility and collaboration. The 3CX system enables us to meet our requirements for frequent modifications to dial plans and employees.”

EURONET performs seamless installation

Chip 1 Exchange made it clear that downtime would be detrimental to their bottom line, so the decision to work with 3CX and EURONET provided the organization with yet another benefit. EURONET worked closely during installation and setup, completing the entire process over the course of one weekend, ensuring no detriment to customers or business operations.

Additionally, employees required no additional time for training to learn the new system. 3CX develops its solutions to be intuitive and convenient for the end-user. And because it operates on the most popular operating systems available today, users were able to pick up the new system immediately.

Chip 1 Exchange positioned for growth

Upon successful deployment, EURONET and 3CX took over management of Chip 1 Exchange’s 70 softphones, hardphones, 60 lines and DiDLogic VoIP gateways. By offloading the maintenance and monitoring of their system, the organization has been able to slash costs while increasing the agility and performance of personnel worldwide.

These factors have made it clear that Chip 1 Exchange is positioned uniquely to further distinguish itself within its industry. Through this partnership with 3CX and EURONET, Chip 1 Exchange can now reallocate assets and bandwidth to provide their own customers with greater service too.

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