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3CX is the best solution when compared to other IP PBX, decides Italian Company


TECNID S.P.A. has been importing electrical and electronic materials to Italy since 1976. The business is discerning with the technology they deploy in-house and decided to adopt an IP PBX looking to save telephony costs and modernize their operation. The choice of leaving their traditional PBX was the right one; however, they had a disappointing experience with the first IP PBX system that they installed. It was then that the company decided to switch to 3CX Phone System, finding a solution that fulfills their business needs much better.

“We had already taken the step to move from traditional PBX to VOIP PBX, but unfortunately we found ourselves in a position where our first choice was not giving us the solution we required. Unfortunately, that first IP PBX system was unreliable, the support we received was below expectations, we were having regular problems with the remote SIPs and the voice quality was poor.”, says Federico Moschini, Purchase Manager at TECNID, “when we looked into what 3CX has to offer, we found a high quality product that is much easier and practical to manage. And that’s exactly what we needed.”

The company is now operating the 3CX Phone System with 25 internal extensions for their local staff and five for external users. TECNID has a subsidiary in Hong Kong and a network of agents and distributors in Italy and Europe, which are all incorporated into the IP PBX phone system through external extensions.

“We have already seen many benefits from using 3CX Phone System, especially from waiving the high cost of calls to our subsidiary in Hong Kong, which is now easily reached through the system’s external extensions. We are also seeing mobility improvements as our staff can be contacted anytime and anywhere by easily configuring the system to route calls to their mobile phones when they are not in the office.”

The Italian importer decided to give up the other IP PBX and switch to 3CX Free edition in September 2007. They are now operating the 3CX phone system on a Windows Server 2003 R2 with twenty Linksys SPA941, SPA94 and SPA961 SIP phones and expect to add at least five more phones to the system within the next year.

Moschini believes that the fact that the 3CX system is Windows-based is a real advantage for small to medium sized businesses like TECNID, “The web integration on the 3CX SIP system is much easier and practical, making every step during the installation, configuration and administration process simpler, even for those who do not have a strong telecommunications background.”

“I have also found the 3CX Forums to be a great source of support”, added Moschini, “the discussions and information shared within the community are extremely helpful.”

Federico has two Italian VOIP Gateways working with the phone system, Messagenet and NGI/Squillo, and 8 SIP lines and 2 PSTN. Some of the SIP lines are still being used with their old IP PBX for fax – but not for long. TECNID, as all 3CX users, will soon benefit from the fax functionality which will be available with version 4 of 3CX Phone System. With this, TECNID will have a unique solution for all its telecommunication needs.

TECNID S.P.A.’s management is now confident that with the adoption of 3CX Phone System for Windows they have found a solution that helps them reduce telephony costs considerably, that integrates their external users seamlessly; and gives them the support and quality that matches their expectations. “I think that 3CX is one of the highest quality products in the VOIP market at the moment”, concludes Federico Moschini.

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