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3CX Phone System Hits a Home Run for Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

Wilson Sporting Goods Co., headquartered in Chicago, IL in the U.S., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ball sports equipment. The ball sports manufacturer is structured into three business divisions: racquet sports, team sports and golf. As such, the company supplies equipment for a range of sports, from American football to baseball to tennis and anything in between.

Wilson employs a staff of over 1,600 workers globally, with its dedicated sales network serving customers in over 100 countries. The sports equipment manufacturer quickly realized—with its size and scale—that it was going to need a phone system that could knock its communications needs out of the park.


Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Seeks MVP in Communication Solutions

Before the search for a new phone system ensued, Wilson operated on an Avaya PBX system, which cost an exorbitant fee of approximately $80,000 per year in just software and hardware maintenance. In addition, the organization found the phone system’s limited functionality to be a major communications pain point. For example, the Avaya phone system was entirely proprietary, which caused even the smallest of features to be rather expensive to implement. These costs and function restrictions engendered by the Avaya PBX prompted Wilson Sporting Goods Co. to start scouting for a new solution.

Indeed, the sports gear manufacturer began its search for a phone system that could offer cost efficiency, a simple installation process, and easy ongoing maintenance. However, once the search began it became clear that no other phone system that Wilson researched (i.e. Cisco or Shortel, for instance) could provide the same benefits as 3CX Phone System.

For Wilson Sporting Goods Co., choosing 3CX was a no brainer as it proved to be the most efficient in system deployment, support costs and software and hardware infrastructure requirements.

3CX Takes Wilson Sporting Good’s Phone System from Rookie to Pro

Following the installation of 3CX Phone System by 3CX Partner CrossRealms, the staff at Wilson Sporting Goods Co. noticed immediate competitive benefits in the form of an open platform and licensing model, which enabled the company to choose the VoIP gateways and IP phones of its preference. This flexibility allowed Wilson Sporting Goods to adopt its preferred gateway solution as well as ration out its 350 IP phones; 80 percent are offered by Cisco 7940 and 20 percent by Yealink.

Additionally, the organization uses five PRI and ISDN lines. In this respect, 3CX Phone System provided the business with the interoperability it desired after previously experiencing the restrictions imposed by a closed, proprietary phone system.

3CX Phone System Offers Even More Major League Advantages

The American sports equipment manufacturer is also reaping benefits such as monetary relief and increased flexibility ever since adopting 3CX Phone System. In fact, the organization stated that the costs savings from 3CX Phone System were huge compared to its former system, which was a top priority on the company’s new phone system check list.

The organization was also pleasantly surprised to see a short learning curve for adapting the 3CX solution—a great bonus that helped minimize productivity lulls often associated with phone system reconfiguration. All in all the phone system, touted for its simple installation and overall ease-of-use, proved its stellar reviews to be true once implemented at the manufacturer’s Chicago headquarters.

But, the improvements prompted by 3CX Phone System did not stop there for Wilson Sporting Goods Co. The global organization plans to decrease its international roaming fees by using the 3CXPhone clients, which are optimized for mobile usage on Android and iOS. The company also plans to continue its quest to efficiently connect remote locations by creating bridges to unify each of its offices in the Midwest and, eventually, all of its offices in the U.S.

Felipe Garcia, America’s IT Director – Infrastructure & Services at Wilson Sporting Goods said:
“3CX is forward thinking, it developed a robust software PBX with hypervisor in mind and its communication solutions are a great fit for organizations of any size.”

Usama Houlila, CEO and Enterprise Architect at CrossRealms said:
“We are not surprised that 3CX is a hit with Wilson Sporting Goods. We’ve deployed more than 50 3CX Phone Systems and call centers and, without exception, our clients are thrilled with the added cost-savings, functionality, and ease of use that 3CX provides. We value our partnership with 3CX because it helps us provide our clients with winning, forward thinking, and customizable business phone solutions with measurable results.”

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As a premier partner of 3CX, CrossRealms’ technical staff members are certified and advanced certified in 3CX Phone System. As an infrastructure company, CrossRealms continuously researches and develops best practices for seamless 3CX migrations. CrossRealms also holds advanced, hands-on 3CX workshops for 3CX clients and has developed a range of end-user resources to ensure smooth transitions and maximum benefit.

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