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Biotechnology Company gives up traditional PBX for 3CX Phone System

Zyto Corp. replaces outdated PBX with innovative, scalable and cost-saving 3CX IP PBX


When a leader in bio-communications technology decides that it is time to do something about their non-scalable and unreliable PBX, they are likely to be very selective with their choice and go for a solution that matches their sense of innovation. And that is exactly what ZYTO Corp. ( did by moving away from their traditional PBX in favour of the 21st Century telephony solution offered by 3CX.

“This was my first venture into VOIP and I found that installing and configuring 3CX Phone System was remarkably straightforward and fairly easy to troubleshoot. Managing it is also extremely simple, I can VPN into the server it runs on, and manage it remotely from anywhere I have access to Internet”, says Ryan Crompton, ZYTO’s Systems Administrator.

ZYTO_web_browserZYTO Corp., a biotechnology company specializing in bio-information that assists healthcare practitioners in providing a wellness program for their patients and clients, expects a 10-15% growth in the next couple of years, which translates into a need of at least five extra phones and two more VOIP lines in a matter of months. The cost attached to the phone system expansion also played an important role in the company’s decision to move to IP PBX.

“We decided that it would be much more cost effective in the long run to implement the 3CX IP PBX and replace all our phones for SIP phones knowing that expansion in the future will only be equal to the minimal cost of each phone. Otherwise, we would need to make a hefty investment on an expansion kit for our old PBX”, adds Crompton. “3CX scales well, and is definitely much cheaper to scale up than comparable hardware PBX.”

ZYTO was using Simpliphones PBX until it adopted 3CX’s Enterprise version in August 2007. Simpliphones uses hardware-switching technology, namely PCI Telesynergy cards being run off of a Windows 2000 server. The system requires the use of proprietary Simpliphones phones and expansion kits are expensive compared to expanding a VOIP solution. “We had a number of problems with the Simpliphones sytem”, says Ryan, “the switches in the cards had a very short MTBF so call transfers did not always work correctly on high-use cards. Also, their CTI client is written under .NET 1.1, and required several DLL’s from Office 2007 to run properly.

Thus, to install the CTI client on Windows Vista required an aggravating amount of workaround, and the client regularly crashed in Windows Vista, on some occasions completely crashing the computer.”

ZYTO is now running their 3CX phone system with two dozen SIP-922s, one SIP-962 for their receptionist and some IP phones. Through this experience, Crompton has found that some SIP phones can be difficult to configure, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. He is using a GXW-4108 VOIP Gateway and 10 SIP trunks and 7 PSTN lines, mostly for fax. Ryan looks forward to version 4 of 3CX Phone System which will feature fax functionality and should allow ZYTO to completely break free from telephone cabling.

With in-house software that is all .NET based, Ryan tends to prefer Windows as an Operating System, but he currently has two servers running Windows 2003 Server and two servers running Ubuntu Linux 7.04. So, for him the fact that 3CX is Windows-based “is not necessarily an advantage, but it’s not a disadvantage either.”

The 32 employees working at ZYTO have already seen benefits in mobility and productivity since the adoption of 3CX phone system. Crompton can easily configure call routing so that staff who are away from their desks can take calls on their mobile phones.

In 3CX Phone System, ZYTO Corp has now a state-of-the-art IP PBX phone system with features that make it easy to manage, that allow employees’ mobility, increases productivity, and enables the company to reduce its telecommunications costs.

“As businesses move forward with VOIP, they need to adopt phone systems that give them exactly what they are looking for,” says Nick Galea, CEO at 3CX. “ZYTO Corp. is a perfect example of how 3CX Phone System is helpingsmall and medium businesses meet this telephony migration challenge in an innovative, flexible and cost-effective way.”

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