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3974: Transfer (intern)

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Tugi2o, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Tugi2o

    Feb 20, 2007
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    there is an other Problem, when i transfer a conversation. This problem did exist also in the older version and also in the new version 3794 of the client software:

    Does this happen only @ me???

    How to provoke this error:
    61, 62 and 63 are intern client numbers.

    61 is calling & speaking to 63 (LINE1)
    63 is opening a new line (LINE2), 61 can hear the waiting music
    63 is calling & speaking to 62 (LINE2)
    63 presses TRANSFER and then LINE1=61, now normally 61 should talk to 62 and 63 should be away from the conversation, but what happens:
    62 can talk to 63, 61 is still hearing the waiting music, but the muic is hanging, only some tones can be heared.
    LINE1 is shown as "dead" on the client of 62. Only LINE2 is active.

    Here is my log:
    11:56:05.506 CallCtrl::eek:nLegConnected [CM503007]: Call(26): Device joined: sip:62@;rinstance=e75ce0448f64dc1a
    62 connected to 63

    11:56:05.506 CallCtrl::eek:nLegConnected [CM503007]: Call(26): Device joined: sip:63@;rinstance=c3050709571d840d
    63 connected to 62

    11:55:55.576 CallCtrl::eek:nSelectRouteReq [CM503004]: Call(26): Calling: Ext:62@[Dev:sip:62@;rinstance=e75ce0448f64dc1a]
    62 is ringing

    11:55:55.529 CallCtrl::eek:nIncomingCall [CM503001]: Call(26): Incoming call from Ext.63 to [sip:62@]
    63 is calling 62, on LINE2

    11:55:51.064 CallCtrl::eek:nLegConnected [CM503007]: Call(25): Device joined: sip:63@;rinstance=c3050709571d840d
    63 connected with 61

    11:55:51.048 CallCtrl::eek:nLegConnected [CM503007]: Call(25): Device joined: sip:61@;rinstance=644ddd0aca55da2a
    61connected with 63

    11:55:49.908 CallCtrl::eek:nSelectRouteReq [CM503004]: Call(25): Calling: Ext:63@[Dev:sip:63@;rinstance=c3050709571d840d]
    63 is ringing

    11:55:49.877 CallCtrl::eek:nIncomingCall [CM503001]: Call(25): Incoming call from Ext.61 to [sip:63@]
    61 is calling 63

    Please try...
  2. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    it depends to what device or provider you are transferring. Please let us know...
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