3CX app and switching between bluetooth/speaker/speakerphone

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  1. Shane Farmer

    May 15, 2017
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    I might be in the minority, but in my particular use case, my Bluetooth phone calls aren't relayed through the audio system in my car, or say I want a private call, even if it was. At this time, if I take a call with 3CX app on Android, it connects to Bluetooth if my Bluetooth is on, and I can't here them unless I disable Bluetooth completely on the phone.

    In the Samsung Phone and Android Phone apps, it connects to Bluetooth initially, but there is a button in the Phone UI that shows Bluetooth and when I click it, it changes to cell phone speaker. Right now I have to open the phone UI and disable Bluetooth completely, then I can hear audio through phone speaker.

    Thread referencing my issue:

    Android 7.0
    Samsung S8 currently

    Andoid 7.1.2 LineageOS
    Samsung S5 previously

    Same issue with both.