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3CX Chat

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by elounda, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. elounda

    Dec 13, 2013
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    I would like to post some ideas for the Chat Functionality.!
    1.) The ability to drag and drop a file direct to the Chat
    2.) The ability to Have 3CX only for Chat use or Combined*
    Imagine this: I am at work and i a have on me " A Dect Phone - A Smartphone and A Tablet
    Someone is Calling me, what happens next? My Dect Phone is Ringing and at the same time my Smartphone and the Tablet are ringing too.
    The actual need for these persons to use 3CX on a Mobile is for Chat and in most Cases they only need to Take a Picture and Post it in the Chat or Quickly Receive a Manual.pdf "file" direct from The Chat, or send a pre recorded Audio or Video File.!!
    3.) The Ability to Start a Pole Request from a Grouped Chat Room
    4.) The Ability to make Static Premade Groups that are Visible to the Memebers of that Group "For Example Marketing Chat Room or Public To All Chat Room or Sales Chat Room ... when a member of that group logs in, he is able to see that he belongs to a new group and he can start typing on the FLY"
    5.) The Ability to Make a Grouped Channel Chat with members that does not belong to the same 3CX Phone System
    Lets Say we have 10 Branch Offices and every Branch Office Has its own 3CX Phone System and They are all Bridged together. We want to Make a Chat Room with members of every Branch Office.

    *Finally The All In One Programm is a good Idea "3CX Phone System & 3CX Meeting & 3CX Chat & ..." Set the ability on Mobile Devices to Choose What they need to activate on their mobile and the Ability to Change it on The Go (for example: I now need my smartphone to act as a Chat program only, or i want to activate the Phone and the Chat, in that case and while i am inside the work i can pick up calls direct from my Hardphone without auto waking up my smartphone and tablet for every call i receive "a ring from a device is acceptable but ringing 3 devices simultaneously is a Headache" and when i am outside my work i can place or receive a call direct from my Smartphone and receive chat messages on my Tablet.!!!)

    Please take a look of "slack" <-- this is a random program and i am using it for example, i am sure 3CX can do it Better and Private, i will be happy to know that Shared Files are Stored to my Server and they are Secure and i am sure 3CX is investing on Information Security.

    Thanks in Advance
    Giannis E. Kommas
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  2. steve matten

    Dec 19, 2016
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    I want to upvote this because of #4, the ability to have Static Premade Groups. I would like to see the ability to add a new member to a premade groups without starting a whole new group.