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    Oct 5, 2012
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    Hi 3CX,

    I would like to see a rest API integration feature in 3CX directory search.

    It could also be an easy client side feature doing a local http get to resolve callerid information based on ANI.

    Here is an example of a Norwegian directory search service (www.opplysningen.no) hwo is made available as a rest API service.

    (documentation is also included as an attachment).

    This database have about 35k updates every day and is proberbly the most acurate source of address and phonenuber lookup in Norway.

    The API service is available for 6000 NOK per year (start pricing), who is a bargin for a 3CX hosting partner like us self. If we could integrate the client wiht this service in a easy manner it would be a very good sell argument and a nice feature to demonstrate in sales meetings.

    Please let me know if you need a trial access to the API to look furter in to this oppertunity.

    Best regards,
    Hein Tonny Køien
    Solution Architect / CEO
    UC Norway AS
    WebCall: https://cloud.ucnorway.no/webrtc/heintonny

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