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  1. igpetkov

    Feb 25, 2015
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    I use a free version of 3CX, but I have a fax number which I want to import to 3CX. I read that have to buy a license for that. But I have a question about fax services:
    Can I use more than one fax number? For example, I have three fax numbers and want faxes for everyone number to go to different e-mail.

    Outside Fax number 1 to email 1
    Outside Fax number 2 to email 2
    Outside Fax number 3 to email 3

    Because it's a three departments and every department have to access just there faxes.

    Can I realize this with Standart version or I need Pro?

    And more, are all faxes have the same sender (3cx System mail)?

    Thank You
  2. ian.watts

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    Apr 8, 2011
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    You can route inbound calls on different DIDs to different fax recipients using the Inbound Rules and extensions with the email addresses assigned, you then send a fax each extension.

    Not sure about Standard vs. Pro, may have to review the features list to find out.

    The email will be sent to the email address set by your system, yes, only the 3CX System email setting.. not unique but system-wide.
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