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  1. art83

    Feb 7, 2008
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    hy all...
    I've bought 4 spa901, and i want to configure these with this method:
    one telephone only receive (TELEPHONE A) and the other 3 (TELEPHONE B, C, D) only call A.
    the most important features is: whenever i raise up the phone, automatically it call the telephon A, whitout i press keys...

    it's possible??? i hope and i think yes!! plese help me!
    ps: now the telephones B, C, D just call A but if i press the number of telephone A!
  2. matthijsolislagers

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    Some phones have functions like auto dial. If I'm right the grandstream. Maybe the linksys does too.
  3. miraportuga

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    Aug 7, 2007
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    yes its possible

    First of all, make the extensions on 3cx and configure them on each phone then you will have to do this
    No need to touch on Telephone A configuration
    On telephone B,C,D you go to EXT1 tab and under dialing rules you should have something like

    now, you will have to add "P3<:8000>" (without the ") to the end it should show something like


    now P3 <- this number will be the amount of seconds it will take the phone to dial the number you want after you lift the handset
    the number insice <:8000> will be the extension that the phone will call

    So, Phone A - Ext 1000
    Phone B - Ext 2000
    Phone C - Ext 3000
    Phone D - Ext 4000

    on Phone B,C,D you should have something like (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.|P3<:1000>)

    With this it would take 3 seconds to call to extension 1000

    Hope that helped


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