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3cx Gateway for Skype

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by timxlegend, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. timxlegend

    Jun 4, 2009
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    hello all,

    Was wondering if someone can help me with the install setup of the 3cx Gateway for Skype. Not sure why the install stops at the Windows user account part. When I type in an account and passowrd and click on next nothing happens. It seems that the install just hangs at this part. Any idea?

  2. depppped@yahoo.com

    Jun 7, 2009
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    To all that can use this info. I had the same issue described in this posting. Upon installing the 3CX Skype Gateway onto Windows Vista Enterprise sp1, as the admin, my install would lockup after I put in a name for the user account. (Any name by the way)
    My workaround follows.

    I was able to install this Gateway program on an Windows XP SP3 machine running windows installer 3.1. (No problems at all)

    I was not able to install it under Windows Vista Enterprise SP 1 using installer versions 4.0 or 4.5. (4.0 is native to Vista) 4.5 can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. I had to use the detailed instructions that follow.

    1). Start the install of the gateway program. (the initial click only) The main install screen will appear.. do nothing else till after step 2.
    2). Bring up windows task manager. Ctrl + Alt + Del start task manager.
    3). In Task manager select the processes tab.
    4). There will be multiple instances of MSIEXEC.EXE.
    5). lOCATE THE ONE THAT IS APPROXIMATELY 3342K IN SIZE. (Do not Terminate this one)
    6). Terminate the other Msiexec process or processes each about 1452k in size.
    7). Click next
    8). The Skype location screen will come up.
    9). Click next.
    10). Enter the default or whatever your phone trunk credentials are into the (3) boxes. (typically 10000)
    11Specify SIP IP, SIP port etc. screen will come up. Put in the appropriate info. Your SIP PBX box..
    12). Click next.
    13). Single network card or if u have multiple cards choose whichever u are going to use for the interface.
    14). Click next.
    15). Put in your Gateway port or choose the defaut 6060.
    16). Be on the lookout for other instances of Msiexec processes to start. about 1455-1732k in size.
    17). Terminate them as they appear.
    18). After you put in whatever Windows account u are going to use and password.. (I made up a password as I filled in the
    password box.) which means the password did not exist until I typed it in at that moment.
    19). The machine will do the simulated lock which brought you to this forum looking for this document.
    (make sure the only instance of msiexec that is running is the one around 3645k in size.
    20). Once you Terminate the other or others around 1954k in size your screen will advance past this nagging screen and take you to the
    select Installation folder.
    21). Choose your install folder.
    22). Click next.
    23). Ready to install will come up.
    24). Terminate the new instance of msiexec that appears. (about 1425k in size)
    25). Click install. you thought I was going to say to click next didn't you..
    26). Close the new instance of the msiexec process.
    27). Installation of Gateway for Skype will appear..
    28). Right before the install is done another instance of msiexec will appear.. Delete it... about 1454k in size.
    29). The install will finish and it will say Completing the 3cx Gateway for Skype Setup Wizard.
    30). Some system processing will take place and a Dos window will open. Some more processes will run and ask you to login the new Windows account you put in at the beginning of the installation. (I suggest you at the beginning give this account any permissions you want it to have).. Sorry for this one but you can change the permissions later.. I know I know I should have told you earlier.. but it is what it is.. remember it will work anyway..
    31). Info: No tasks running with the specified criteria will appear at the top of the dos screen.
    32). Put in the Windows account password.
    33). It will accept it... p.s. it will even accept one that you made up on the fly while installing this application.. how about that..
    34). It will run some more processes and then tell you that skype is not connected..
    35). Login to your skype account and your task will be finished.
    36), Your Gateway will now be connected.

    If you get stumped at this point refer to this link for clarification. http://www.3cx.com/voip-gateways/skype.html

    If this has been helpful please post in this thread..

    RemotePCDiagnostics.com.. Leave the FINGERWORK to us......... coming soon..... Enjoy..
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