3CX IP phone with Salesforce

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    Feb 21, 2018
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    using 3CX IP phone system with Salesforce

    We're evaluating IP telephony systems at the moment and one of the requirements is for integration with SF.

    Does anyone out there use the 3CX system with SF, if so could you give us some feedback and if possible, if you're near Reading, UK would it be possible to arrange a visit as a reference site?

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Sep 7, 2010
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    I have a client running 3CX with the Salesforce Integration, but am in the US. The client has about 30 users on Salesforce and so far, they seem pleased with it. I did have a couple of issues in the initial set-up, but 3CX support was able to assist as I was not familiar with Salesforce. Ernesto was a real help.

    The issues were related to the initial search for a number. When a call arrives, the number is taken and then searched for a match within Salesforce. The issue was that Salesforce has numerous fields for telephone numbers and these fields can be hidden from the search and/or hidden from view. The client had them hidden from the search and as a result, when the app went to look for the number it would fail until I went into Salesforce and un-hid the fields from search.

    The other issue was related to the authentication method. This involved either using tokens or setting the trust for IPs allowed to access the system thereby negating the need for tokens. Presumably, if you have mobile or home workers, you will need to use tokens. It is not a big deal. It also has to do with the roles of the user and what permissions they have.

    The client is using journaling for some employees and this also seems to work well. All in all, the client really likes it and we are still rolling it out to a few more employees as they need.