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3cx Log Reporter Very Basic

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by megatech, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. megatech

    Oct 19, 2009
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    I've been using the Log Reporter and have found it less than satisfactory to use - and borderline useless as a real reporting tool.

    Simple things like the logo are not remember between use
    and more advanced functionality like exporting raw data just does not work. CSV is a joke, as is XML - both data only formats don't work.

    There is no way to set predefined date ranges (yesterday only, last week, today etc) or sort columns (even by extension number and the user name is no where to be found, little loan be able to sort by it)

    Perhaps a better way to go would be to provide database views we could use to create our own raw data reports.

    We also need to be able to access these report via remote site as I don't want to give permission to access phone server to any user. I don't think 3cx have the give the reports much thought at all, as what there is limited and poor architecture too.

    And we need a live queue reporter - asap
    Why does the assistant not report how many people are in the queue????? given there is no report or live queue monitor module - this is a major oversight and 3cx cannot be considered call centre ready with this very basic functionality missing.

    I have a client selling $100,000 an hour in goods and I can't tell them how many people are waiting in the queue or even if the queue is full (IE total lines being used up) - this is very basic stuff and 3cx needs to understand bigger customers have more urgent reporting requirements - 1 missed call outweighs the total cost of investment in the phone system - and there are many clients out there like this- maybe 3cx could consider extra premium modules for extra fees (IE bundle the basics as small business and then offer premium modules - i know I would pay as much or even more for a good reporting module as what I paid for the whole 3cx software.) It come's down to cost per hour....

    There is a partner out there with an unsupported queue monitor, but it doesn't work and it's unsupported alright because he don't respond to errors/fixes.

    Come on 3cx - do something serious about reporting.
Thread Status:
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