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3CX Management Log

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by greg@summitrad, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. greg@summitrad

    Aug 15, 2014
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    Was there a change to the way logging works in Update 5 of version 15? I need to find why a phone isn't provisioning with a template. (Made from the Stock V15 U 5 Yealink template).

    My 3CXManagementConsole.log grows to 2048KB and then splits into another file. I only have an hours worth of backup log files now. (I haven't looked for a while, and didn't realize this was happening).

    I no longer have all of my log history like I did previously. (Previously. my logs went back to 2014 from previous versions, up till we went from V15 U4 to U5. When it got close to a year we could archive them off).

    Now, I have 20 backup logs from today. That's it. I haven't found any settings that I can change to drive that behavior in Parameters.

    I have the highest level of logs on for now, so I can figure out my provisioning issue. I've used this log previously to find errors in my templates, but this version doesn't seem to contain any of that info.

    I can FORCE an error by attempting to load a template using a web browser. (I go to the provisioning link in ie or chrome and then append the MAC address filename (even though they no longer physically exist and are generated on the fly) and Voilla.

    Initially, I found an ENDIF without IF. .. then I started over with the CURRENT template. (The one that shipped with V15 U5). Now there's no more error, but it still doesn't work. That may end up being a separate post. But I want people to understand what I am doing and why I need the logs. I can provision phones with the Stock template only. Nothing with any settings in them. (We have too many phones to drag and click and button my way through the clumsy web interface.)

    The provisioning url is correct in the phone. (The template I started with was from V15 U4, and it worked fine prior to the upgrade).

    If I could just figure out the secrets to the log file now with Update 5, that would be helpful. (I want bigger files, that I can retain for a long time). HELP!! : )

    Greg Michael
    Summit Radiology P.C.
Thread Status:
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