3CX Phone v12 SP1 bugs

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by CentrexJ, Sep 25, 2013.

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    May 5, 2009
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    Still some bugs remaining in v12SP1 of 3CXPHONE:

    - When on the phone and a second call comes in to my extension, 3cx phone pops up with the options to answer/hangup/divert to voicemail. That's good but the call display that it shows above the options for answer/hangup/divert is that of the call I am talking with not the second call that is just coming in.
    - I then finished with my first call and answered the second. The message box for answer/hangup/divert to voicemail remained on the screen.
    - If I press the "Q" on the phone to sign in/out it gets reflected on the presence screen appropriately. However if I sign myself out from the presence screen it still shows the "Q" in white on my 3cxphone dial pad. This could pose a problem because If a manager signs someone out using the presence screen and the "Q" is still white on the agents 3cxphone dial pad the agent will assume they are logged in. When I sign myself in on the presence screen to the queue the white "Q" on my 3cxphone dial pad lights up right away so I'm not sure why signing out doesn't.
    - Still does not remember the hotkey setting when exiting and coming back
    - Still does not strip alpha characters copy/pasted or hot-keyed into the dialer

    Getting better with each release but still a little more work to do. That being said I will be rolling this version out to my clients as of now.
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