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    Nov 18, 2015
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    With every relase of 3CX and the wonderful features it brings: we go through the release notes to check what is the status on the different components.

    * 3CXPhoneSystem is mostly current on the release notes - altough it is sometimes hard to understand that the different changes will bring to the table
    * If I look at other components, e.g. the session border (e.g. after sp2 release): the last release notes are way behind (currently from july1).
    * In this case we are under the impression nothing has changed - not the case...

    We would be glad if you could update your release notes at every release on every component. Please also include which full version nummer the software carries

    e.g. for sbc that would be: 14.0.45961.29

    that way we will be able to efficiently check if something is now, and go ahead and implement the new versions and now that we have the correct versions installed.

    for the current sp2 version could some one please specify the correct version number. downloading sbc from the website will result to the above version number, but that is the same as for sp1.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.