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3CX softclient autodiscover

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Brad Allison, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. Brad Allison

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Concept would be like email autodiscover except with softclient extension.
    For this to ideal, I believe the implementation of LDAP and/or SAML would be required for web authentication.

    Autodiscover would operate as such,

    A person downloads 3CX softclient to device,
    Upon launch there would be an add account greeting.
    They would enter their corporate email address <jdoe@companyxyz.com> into the "add account field"
    and network directory password.
    This would query for a srv dns record for companyxyz.com which would return the connection information for the companies 3CX server, which would then connect and download the config and provision the softclient.

    SRV record
    Target: companyxyz.3cx.us
    Protocol: _tcp
    Service: _3cxprovisioning
    Priority: 0
    Weight: 0
    Port: 5001
    TTL: 1 hour

    For security, add the option to email the administrator upon autodiscover unsuccessful and successful requests. unsuccessful requests would become black listed as usual.

    Companies with multiple 3CX systems with the same domain would require some additional work like a 3cx server autodiscover broker service that would either respond back with the proper server to connect with or a list of locations for the softclient to display for the user to select from, which would then push them to the correct server to connect with.