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3CX softphone

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by garambula, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. garambula

    Apr 2, 2007
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    Not sure if I am doing this correctly. I would like employees from remote locations to be able to connect to 3CX PBX using 3CX Softphone. Ports that I have opened are as follows:
    UDP 5060
    UDP 3478
    UDP 9000-9015

    I have enabled/disabled on 3CX PBX server the following
    Device is Exteral
    Bind to Media Server
    Support Re-Invite
    Supports to Replace header

    As for the 3CX Softphone Client client I have
    Username 110
    Password ***********
    Displayed name Test User
    Realm/Domain: 202.197.100.x:5060 external IP of server
    Proxy/Register: 202.197.100.x:5060 external IP of server
    Register: checked
    STUN server: stun.3cx.com
  2. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    and then? what is the problem you are experiencing? can you post server status log?
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  3. garambula

    Apr 2, 2007
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    Here are the logs I currently have on my server
    Logging level on server is Verbose
    13:05:32.008 ??: SL: connected optimus:0/PHPExtension_0 at [optimus]/PHPExtension_0
    12:47:05.234 ??: from 'optimus:0/MediaServer':*** Connected to optimus:5483/IVRServer at ***
    12:47:05.187 IVRConnected: IVR Server is connected
    12:47:05.187 ??: SL: connected optimus:5483/IVRServer at [optimus]/IVRServer
    12:47:04.796 ??: from 'optimus:0/MediaServer':*** Connecting to [] ***
    12:47:03.828 ClientRegs::eek:nSuccess Registration of sip:3103438313@sip.broadvoice.com is successful
    12:47:03.796 ??: from 'optimus:0/MediaServer':IVR not found on
    12:47:02.734 ??: from 'optimus:0/MediaServer':*** Connecting to [] ***
    12:47:01.734 ??: from 'optimus:0/MediaServer':IVR not found on
    12:47:01.046 ExtLine::Register_ Send registration for "3103438313"<sip:3103438313@sip.broadvoice.com>
    12:47:01.046 ExtLine::Register_ Use External IP for device line registration DN='10001' device='BroadVoice'
    12:47:00.937 ??: SL: connected optimus:0/VoiceBoxManagerService at [optimus]/VoiceBoxManagerService
    12:47:00.750 MediaServerConnected: Media Server is connected
    12:47:00.750 ??: SL: connected optimus:0/MediaServer at [optimus]/MediaServer
    12:47:00.453 StunClient::process STUN resolved external IP=*.*.*.* :5060 by server
    12:47:00.218 StunClient::process Send initial STUN request to
    12:47:00.062 CallMgr::Stack::thread ** Enter Stack Loop **
    12:47:00.000 DBA: ** Database connection Ok **
    12:46:59.968 CallMgr::DumThread::thread ** Enter DUM Thread **
    12:46:59.968 CallMgr::Stack::Initialize ** Adding transports **
    12:46:59.968 CallMgr::Initialize ** Initializing SIP stack **
    12:46:59.765 CallMgr::Initialize Version: 3.0.1699.0
    12:46:59.765 CallMgr::Initialize Start 3CX PhoneSystem Call Manager
  4. garambula

    Apr 2, 2007
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    Does anyone have instructions on how to setup a softphone and what I would have to do on the server side?
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