3CX System Crash

Discussion in 'Windows' started by jasonhayes, Jan 29, 2014.

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    May 9, 2012
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    Can anyone help. Since moving to V12, once or twice a week all our phones (Yealink) lock up. Anyone in a Queue gets cut off. We have the SLA Monitoring via emails, so everyone in the office gets emailed, with strange charters in the email. The logs also show these strange chharters this (see below). We use two GXW4104 (Software Version: Program-- The 2008 Server doesn't appear to have any issues. Any ideas?

    29-Jan-2014 11:04:15.645 Leg L:3131.1[Queue] is terminated: Cause: CANCEL from
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:51.652 Currently active calls - 2: [3114,3125]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.681 [CM503025]: Call(C:3135): Calling T:Extn:256@[Dev:sip:256@] for L:3135.1[Queue]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.632 [CM503027]: Call(C:3135): From: Queue:170 ("Service Desk:" <sip:%13�%7F%03%133b�b���m%02�T���@>) to T:Extn:256@[Dev:sip:256@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.632 [CM503004]: Call(C:3135): Route 1: from L:3135.1[Queue] to T:Extn:256@[Dev:sip:256@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.630 [CM503001]: Call(C:3135): Incoming call from Queue:170 to <sip:256@>
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.478 [CM503025]: Call(C:3134): Calling T:Extn:748@[Dev:sip:748@] for L:3134.1[Queue]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.474 [CM503025]: Call(C:3133): Calling T:Extn:236@[Dev:sip:236@] for L:3133.1[Queue]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.470 [CM503025]: Call(C:3132): Calling T:Extn:429@[Dev:sip:429@] for L:3132.1[Queue]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.466 [CM503025]: Call(C:3131): Calling T:Extn:667@[Dev:sip:667@] for L:3131.1[Queue]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503027]: Call(C:3134): From: Queue:170 ("Service Desk:" <sip:%13�%7F%03%133b�b���m%02�T���@>) to T:Extn:748@[Dev:sip:748@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503004]: Call(C:3134): Route 1: from L:3134.1[Queue] to T:Extn:748@[Dev:sip:748@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503027]: Call(C:3133): From: Queue:170 ("Service Desk:" <sip:%13�%7F%03%133b�b���m%02�T���@>) to T:Extn:236@[Dev:sip:236@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503004]: Call(C:3133): Route 1: from L:3133.1[Queue] to T:Extn:236@[Dev:sip:236@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503027]: Call(C:3132): From: Queue:170 ("Service Desk:" <sip:%13�%7F%03%133b�b���m%02�T���@>) to T:Extn:429@[Dev:sip:429@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503004]: Call(C:3132): Route 1: from L:3132.1[Queue] to T:Extn:429@[Dev:sip:429@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503027]: Call(C:3131): From: Queue:170 ("Service Desk:" <sip:%13�%7F%03%133b�b���m%02�T���@>) to T:Extn:667@[Dev:sip:667@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.434 [CM503004]: Call(C:3131): Route 1: from L:3131.1[Queue] to T:Extn:667@[Dev:sip:667@]
    29-Jan-2014 11:03:43.432 [CM503001]: Call(C:3134): Incoming call from Queue:170 to <sip:748@>
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