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  1. csp


    Apr 24, 2015
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    Hello everyone ,

    I have some questions .

    I recently downloaded and install the virtual PBX server version 14 for multiple instances .

    Im running a windows server 2012 R2 standard. When i the pbx was installing the option of abyss server wasn't enable so by default it install the IIS. But in IIS i think i cant change the ports. The problem is that i have some other devices in my network that has this ports and port forwarded with the specific puplic ip that i have.

    Does it need an extra public ip , especially for the PBX server to run the IIS in the ports 80&443 ?

    And also when it ask me for a domain name i but the domain name of the server that i have. Does it need to have a register domain name in go daddy for example to be able to access for an external network ?

    ex. My domain name of the server is CSPcloud.local

    I'm waiting for a reply

    Thank you
  2. pj3cx

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    Aug 1, 2013
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    Hi there,
    Yes in v14 RC the web ports can be customized only in Abyss not in IIS.
    If already have services running on 80/443 then reinstall with Abyss and choose custom ports or use another public IP with IIS 80/443.

    Please review documentation available in admin manual :

    Section 7 – 3CX Phone System Virtual PBX Server (v14)
    Introduction & Licensing
    Installing 3CX Phone System Virtual PBX Server
    Creating Virtual PBX Instances
    Configuring a Virtual PBX Instance
    Deploying a Virtual PBX Configuration to a Customer
    Backup and Restore of Virtual PBX instances
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