3cx v12.x Intermittent blank voicemails

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    I have a 3cx v12.x box running on a Windows 7 pro 64bit hyper-v vm with 4gb ram, the vm host is running server 2012 r2, it's a dell pe t630, calls come in thru a Patton SmartNode SN4912/JO/RUI gateway that basically takes pots lines and turns them into sip trunks for the phone system.

    Voicemails intermittently come in blank, as in silent. It may be a 2 minute voicemail, but it's 2 min's of silence. This occurs whether I check the voicemail directly on the phone or as a vmail 2 email attachment. I believe I've even checked in the vmail folder on 3cx and the actual wav file is blank too.

    Any thoughts on how to resolve this?
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    Firstly why are you still running version 12 of 3CX ? This is a very old version and I would recommend you update (we are now on v15.5).

    Also the Patton You are using is un-supported, do you have it setup manually?


    Do you get any audio issues on standard voice calls also?

    I still think updating your 3CX would be a good option as if you have been keeping up with your updates and .NET framework on Windows then these later versions may surpass your 3CX version.
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    No sure if this is related to your issue but i would recommend upgrading to the latest version and making sure that the Patton device is running the latest supported firmware.