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3cx v15.5 , Beronet bf1600 PRI

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by James Bruce, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. James Bruce

    Oct 24, 2017
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    Moving a site with an outdated Cisco UC560 w/PRI to 3CX v15.x on Windows Server 2016 Standard.

    We have a Beronet bf1600 with added PRI :
    BF1600Box 1 (BF1600Box) beroNet boxed Baseboard supports 16-64 concurrent channels 586.00 586.00
    BF1T1/E1 1 (BF1T1/E1) 1 Port PRI T1/E1 Module with high precision clock. Installs into BF1600 or BF6400

    I have set up the Beronet, added as a Gateway in 3cx, not connected to PRI yet. I have configured incoming and outgoing rules for calls, along with all DID's under the gateway in the 3cx console. We are using the PRI from the Telco, not Sip, for calls.

    My question is will this device just pass all incoming calls to the 3cx server , as all i can see on the device is the attached picture, no PRI interfaces are shown. Do i have the correct device? The supplier says I do.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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  2. NickD_3CX

    NickD_3CX Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Jun 2, 2014
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    The screenshot seems to be taken from the Beronet BRI setup guide we have here: https://www.3cx.com/voip-gateways/beronet-berofix-400/

    In the guide in the first section it says "This guide shows you how to configure and install a bero*fix with 4 BRI port with 3CX. If you have an 8 BRI, E1, FXO or mixed device, adapt the setup accordingly."

    This is because Beronet boxes are modular, the interface can sometimes change depending on what modules you have in them.
    I haven't used a great amount of modules with beronets, but the important things to do in their interface are 3:
    • Setup the SIP information: Server IP and port, Authentication username and password, etc.
    • Fine-tune any information regarding the Analog line technology, in your case PRI.
    • Check that the dialplan is correct.

    Generally, the people at Beronet know 3CX quite well, so maybe to be sure you could contact them just to be sure.
  3. eddv123

    eddv123 Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Hi James Bruce,

    A few additional points on top of what Nick has said above.

    If you have a high precision clock device I think you have a variant of this All-IP unit here:

    If your lines are BRI/ISDN 2 then yes (according to your screen shot) you have the right device, but if you have PRI/ISDN 30 (E1/T1) lines you will need to change your modules out. Which lines you have can be easily identified onsite or potentially looking at a bill.

    The capacity of your box is fine a well but beroNet do boxes which support fewer call capacity (such as the beroNet BF400Box boxed Baseboard supports 4-16 con channels).

    It maybe worth noting however that if you do have BRI (2 channels per line) and not PRI (30) then although the box you have would still work, its call capacity could be higher than you would need, as you could of maybe got away with th BF400 (depending on how many lines of BRI you had).
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