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  1. smart22

    Mar 13, 2013
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    I have created 1 application in 3CX VAD. Deployment is successful.

    I can see extension 851 in 3CX system extension, when I call to 851, It redirect me to request PIN , after enter pin, it cannot proceed further. Connection with database is successful.

    Now the problem is I cannot check debug.

    when start debug I am keep getting below error.

    "cannot retrieve debug information file from 3CX server "

    I have 2-3 forum and tried all the way's, but it's not working.
  2. edossantos

    edossantos Support Team
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    Jun 27, 2007
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    Hi there,

    Please note that if you make any change to the project after deploying it, the debug will not load any file from the server, as that could be pointing to a different callflow.

    So, proceed as follows: make your changes to the app. Save all the files pressing the "Save All" button in the toolbar. Then build all and deploy the debug build. Make your test call and then press the Start Debugging button. That should show the debug information file from the server.

    Also, please note that debugging only works when you're deploying to the local server. If you deploy to a remote server using the deployment package, then it will not work. You need to test in the same machine where the VAD is installed.

    Kind regards.
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