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    3CX Web Informer, now your website visitors can see the status of external phoneу lines .

    - Display information in real time
    - Inbound, outbound calls, queues, and calls on hold
    - Easy setup in 5 minutes
    - You can embed it into any website in PHP
    - Free

    Download http://icepartners.ru/file/webinformer/3cx web informer.zip

    Setup 3cx web setup.exe on a 3CX server. (Note- application work only on commercial versions of 3CX)
    Check in Services that 3CX WEB Informer service is running.
    If not running check path in Windows Register
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\3CX Web Informer

    Bind port 5150 to the external IP to the server 3CX.
    Copy the contents of the archive web-client.zip to your web-server to a separate folder.

    In the file informer.php change the next settings
    line 12 $ line_num = 3; / / Total number of external lines
    line 13 $ address = '11 .195.131.150 '; / / Your 3CX server IP address 
    Go to http://website.com/folder/
    You should see the following

    Additional configuration

    update time
    string 25 - setInterval('show()',1000); 
    1000 - 1 second 
    string   12   $line_num = 3; //Total number of lines 
    string  13   $address  = 'XX.XX.XX.XX'; // 3CX server IP address 
    string  14   $port     = 5150; // Informer's port, DO NOT CHANGE IT!!! 
    string  15   $buzy_btn = 'button_red.png'; // Button for busy line 
    string  16   $free_btn = 'button_green.png'; // Button for free line 
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