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3CXPhone 14 problems---CTI dialing and presence information not working

Discussion in 'Windows' started by zooeyhall, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. zooeyhall

    Apr 15, 2008
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    We are upgrading from v11 to v14 of 3cx. I have been having constant problems getting 3CXPhone to work properly.

    1) CTI mode will not control the deskphone: we use Snom 370 models. Cannot dial out. It will work fine on some computers, and not at all at others. Welcome emails were used to configure the clients.

    2) Presence information not working across bridges. Our branch offices are connected via VPN tunnels to each other. Presence information is being replicated across some locations, but not others.

    We use Symantec Endpoint AV. It was configured to work with 3CX, per the instructions. Had no problems with running it on 3CXv11. I uninstalled it from the 3CX servers per 3cx Support directions, but am still having the problem.
  2. NickD_3CX

    NickD_3CX Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Jun 2, 2014
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    - What firmware are the phones running on that don't work?
    - Are the PCs the 3CXPhone apps are running on located on the same network as the phones they are trying to CTI?
    - Are the phones and 3CXPhoen apps local extensions or remote extensions?
    - Remove any AV software of the PCs running the 3CXPhone apps completely to rule that out.

    - Are all branches on the same Phone System version?
    - When upgrading to V14, the HTTP/S port may have changed from 5000/5001 to 80/443 depending on your installation options you chose. Are they different than what they used to be and have the equivalent changes been made in the Bridge settings?
    - This could potentially also be a DNS issue. During the installation of V14 what DNS option do you choose, Split DNS or Different Internal and External FQDN? If you are using FQDNs for Local connections, does the FQDN from the one side of the Brigde resolve correctly to the other side?
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