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3CXPhone has one-way souned when used remotely

Discussion in 'Windows' started by athena, Aug 15, 2015.

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  1. athena

    Sep 30, 2014
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    My 3CX server (IP is configured, and works perfectly when used from the LAN.

    My router is a Cisco RV042G; the port forwarding (called uPnP on this model) is configured as follow :
    - port 5060 UDP&TCP forwarded to my 3CX server
    - port 5090 UDP&TCP forwarded to my 3CX server
    - ports 5000 & 5001 TCP forwarded to my 3CX server
    - ports 9000 to 9011 UDP forwarded to my 3CX server (range is limited to 9011 in 3CX config)
    - SIP ALG is disabled
    - UDP & TCP timeouts are set to 1800

    However, when using it via 3CXPhone for Windows remotely, I can hear the remote person, but he cannot hear me (I checked the microphone settings, including with Skype, and it works).

    I run the Firewall Checker (with Windows Firewall disabled) and... nothing should work...
    I receive the answer "Failed - No response received or port mapping is closed. Port forwarding not configured correctly." for all ports (5060, 5090 and 9000 to 9011).

    I also used the Remote Firewall/NAT test utility (using STUN server), and I receive this answer :

    Trying to resolve address of proxy FQDN:'mydomain.com'
    Server IP has been resolved: 'myfixedIP:5060'->myfixedIP:5060
    Start test, v.1.0.4
    STUN resolution result: addr = mylocalIP:5091
    Extension 601 is registered
    Calling *777
    Connection with *777 established
    WARN:Contact port is not PBX port: 5060->56064
    WARN:Audio connection IP not PBX IP: myfixedIP->

    What is port 56064 ??
    What does "Audio connection IP not PBX IP" mean ??

    Could you please help me to solve these issues ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. leejor

    leejor Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2008
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    Well it certainly sounds like a router issue.

    Here is someone else that had similar problems.


    And perhaps, go over this, if you haven't...


    In all of the routers that I've used, UPNp is an option that is either on, or off. It will (normally, in a basic set-up, and using compatible devices) configure most port forwarding for you.


    3CX itself is not a UPNp compatible device and as such requires manual port forwarding.
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