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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by locutus, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. locutus

    Dec 14, 2010
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    hello. I have a 3cx 9 sp5 system I just installed, and am getting no audio from outside of my firewall. I have a sonicwall TZ200, and the phone is a Cisco SPA504G. Using nexvortex as my sip provider

    Ports opened from the outside world: I know there are some that don't need to be open, but this really feels like a firewall issue.
    9000-9049 TCP
    9000-9049 UDP
    5481 TCP
    40000-40500 UDP
    7000-7499 UDP
    5060 TCP
    5060 UDP

    log snippit from the 3cx log file showing a call connected but I'm getting no audio.

    06:53:39.733 [CM503007]: Call(1): Device joined: sip:103@;transport=tcp
    06:53:39.733 [MS210001] C:1.2:Answer received. RTP connection[unsecure]:
    06:53:39.733 Remote SDP is set for legC:1.2
    06:53:32.999 [MS210003] C:1.1:Answer provided. Connection(transcoding mode[unsecure]):
    06:53:32.999 [MS210001] C:1.2:Answer received. RTP connection[unsecure]:
    06:53:32.999 Remote SDP is set for legC:1.2
    06:53:32.999 [CM505003]: Provider:[nexVortex] Device info: Device Not Identified: User Agent not matched; Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, able-no-sdp, recvonly] UserAgent: [] PBX contact: [sip:ph6759gBWp@]
    06:53:32.999 [CM503002]: Call(1): Alerting sip:ph6759gBWp@
    06:53:29.764 [CM503025]: Call(1): Calling VoIPline:19413214693@(Ln.10000@nexVortex)@[Dev:sip:ph6759gBWp@]
    06:53:29.764 [MS210002] C:1.2:Offer provided. Connection(transcoding mode):
    06:53:29.749 [CM503004]: Call(1): Route 1: VoIPline:19413214693@(Ln.10000@nexVortex)@[Dev:sip:ph6759gBWp@]
    06:53:29.733 [CM503010]: Making route(s) to <sip:3214693@>
    06:53:29.733 [MS210000] C:1.1:Offer received. RTP connection:
    06:53:29.733 Remote SDP is set for legC:1.1
    06:53:29.718 [CM505001]: Ext.103: Device info: Device Identified: [Man: Cisco;Mod: SPA Series;Rev: General] Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, unable-no-sdp, no-recvonly] UserAgent: [Cisco/SPA504G-7.4.3a] PBX contact: [sip:103@;transport=TCP]
    06:53:29.718 [CM503001]: Call(1): Incoming call from Ext.103 to <sip:3214693@>
    06:53:29.702 [CM500002]: Info on incoming INVITE:
    INVITE sip:3214693@ SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK-311ec3ff;received=
    Max-Forwards: 70
    Contact: "Bruce"<sip:103@;transport=tcp>
    To: <sip:3214693@>
    From: "Bruce"<sip:103@>;tag=c91ee3204a32711fo0
    Call-ID: 747637f4-96bd025b@
    CSeq: 102 INVITE
    Expires: 240
    Proxy-Authorization: Digest username="103",realm="3CXPhoneSystem",nonce="414d535c0317ebb999:e7dc24b00cb9443f8e05b4ba66bb1df6",uri="sip:3214693@",algorithm=MD5,response="37eab485ef2047d20b51c73aa491f96b"
    Supported: replaces
    User-Agent: Cisco/SPA504G-7.4.3a
    Content-Length: 0

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)
  2. LeonidasG

    LeonidasG Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Nov 19, 2008
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    Sonicwalls are notorious for causing 1 way audio issues even when "Properly" configured.
    We've got a lot of forum users who've had Sonicwalls and fixed their issues, i'm sure one of them will be able to help you, Locutus of Borg soon enough. :mrgreen:
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