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    Has anyone found a way to handle abandoned calls decently with 3CX? So the problem that I am facing is that our managers dont like the fact that 3CX will only show the call as time stamped as it came in, not how long it sat in the queue. Ultimately for our metrics we are looking at finding a way to weed out the Abandoned Calls or calls that were under XX seconds ring time per say before they dropped off, to determine the metrics that we are really after. As far as my Community searching goes, and everything I am seeing unanswered \ abandoned calls all seem to be treated the same.

    The other question i have is so say I have a queue of 5 agents all logged in, all set to ring simultaneously. If that call is "abandoned" after it rings the agents does it make ever agent as a abandoned call or how does it choose whom is getting the "abandoned"? I know if you decline the popup every "decline" is also considered an abandoned, so trying to understand 3CX metric behind this.
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    Hi Tim. There is a difference between "abandoned" and "missed" calls. Abandoned calls are calls that came into a queue, but were never answered in the queue. The agents will get "Missed Calls" on their phones.

    You can get all the statistics you could possibly want, such has queue waiting time, from the data in callcenter_queuecalls in the 3CX database. However, keep in mind that 3CX gets very concerned about you accessing the PostgreSQL database directly. My recommendation is "don't do it". But if you have no other choice, you can use our Exporter tool which has been in use for about 7 years and has no known issues with making a "read-only" connection. Alternatively, our Exporter can also process the CDR files 3CX can optionally create for each call. This data is parsed and placed in a SQL or MySQL database so you can create custom reports. This doesn't have as much information as the 3CX table, but may also be useful and it doesn't require accessing the 3CX database.
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