Ability to change default Recordings Storage Directory

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by IT Hamster, Jan 6, 2016.

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    May 21, 2015
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    We used to be able to define where each tenant could store their recordings in v12. In a hosted environment, it's critical that I can have my recordings moved to an archive storage and still be accessible by 3CX for that tenant when they need recordings.

    Right now on V14, I have no option to change the default Recordings Directory and now I have to create .bat files to routinely move files off of C:\ to an archive when my C:\ becomes full.

    My C:\ is high-performance storage where 3CX Server is installed and is expensive to expand for something as basic as storage. Ideally, I would point all tenants to store recordings on a lower-performance (Cheaper) storage solution that is accessible by 3CX. This used to be a feature in v12, but is no longer available. Please bring it back!