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    we want to buy 3CX Phone System Software, when my problem with the ringing phones is solved.

    Now i have an other question:
    I can't test "ability to transfer calls", because it is not integrated in the freeware version.
    Now we have 15 VoIP Phones, each of them is connected through the server, where 3CX Software System is installed. We also have 15 lines to a voip provider with 15 accounts.

    Number (1) - ..- (15) are phones on our network.

    Number (20) is a phone outside our network, a landline number.

    We have one person (1), who receives all incoming calls (20). Is it possible, that this person (1) receives a call from (20), talks with calling person (20) and later, he transfers the incoming call (20) to someone else, for example to (3), who is also in our network, so that (20) can talk with (3)?

    What happens with the line (1) during i transfer a call to someone else in our network? Is the line 1 busy after i transfered the call from (20) ==> (1) TO (20) ==> (3) ???
    Is it possible to receive further calls after i have transfered a call to s.o. in our network? Or must i wait until the last incoming call (20) hungs up??? This would be very bad :(

    So i hope s.o. can tell me, how this works. Thanks.

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    After call transfer line 1 is ready to receive next call.
    Actually, you can test this scenario yourself if you use any VoIP phone (soft or hard) that has Transfer buuton. There're plenty of free softphones that can transfer calls.

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