Add DSS-Key type "Custom Key" for Yealink-Phones

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    we have some customers which are using Yealink T46S phones and they need a BLF-Key to dial a number when pressed, then waits 2 seconds and then sends a PIN as DTMF. With Snom-Phones this can be set as a normal Custom-Speed-Dial-Key fast and easy.

    On Yealink-Phones this has to be a BLF-Key with the type "Custom-Key" and you have to enable a custom parameter in the provisioning template, as described in this document:

    When I set everthing manually it works perfectly. But I cannot set this through 3CX, because I don't have "Custom Key" in the BLF-type-dropdown. Only Blank,Line Key, BLF, Speed Dial, Custom Speed Dial, Shared Parking, Agent Login/Logout and Shared Status.

    So my request is to please add the "Custom Key" option to the BLF Key settings.

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